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NOUN   construal | construals
construalDeutung {f}
Interpretation {f}
Selbstdeutung {f} [Deutung des Selbst]
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  • The final result indicates a negative relationship between self-face concern and forgiveness, independent self-construal and forgiveness in both cultures.
  • Rebecca wing-yi Cheng and Shui-fong Lam measured the effects of self-construal in the classroom.
  • Once the particular judgment made can be thought of as a person's "attitude", however, construal assumptions elicit discomfort, presumably because they dispense with the intuitively appealing attitude concept.
  • The activities associated with making a construal in the Empirical Modelling framework are depicted in Figure 1.
  • Thersites also appears in the writings of Karl Marx, and those of later Marxist literature in Soviet times much in the spirit of Hegel's construal.

  • Other work has focused specifically on temporal construal, or how distance in time affects one's perceptions of present and future events.
  • His earliest work involved the under-appreciation of situational influences on actions and outcomes, and on the role of "construal" or subjective interpretation of the situations and choices one faces.
  • Sellers’ research focuses on the effect of race in one's self-construal, specifically in relation to African American identity.
  • In addition to that, individualist societies with dominant with independent self-construal which is typical for western society are more likely to rely on feelings and consequently more impulsive in their decision making compared to people with an interdependent self-construal which more typical for eastern society.
  • This type of work also examined the effect of social distance on construal levels, suggesting that greater social distance promotes high-level and increase cognitive abstraction.

  • ... television programs and books) about reversing aging; he rejects mainstream scholarship deeming the inevitable progression of senescence as normalcy and instead typifies a popular mis-construal about the aging body being an abnormal deviant.
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