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to construct a houseein Haus bauen
to construct a bridgeeine Brücke bauen
to construct a sentence
einen Satz bilden
to construct a roadeine Straße bauen
to construct a theoryeine Theorie aufstellen
to construct a speecheine Rede zusammenstellen
to construct a shipein Schiff bauen
to construct a walleine Wand aufführen [geh.] [aufbauen]
to construct a dramaein Drama konstruieren
to construct a theoryeine Theorie entwickeln
to construct a triangleein Dreieck erstellen
to construct a mathematical modelein mathematisches Modell errichten
to construct a new hypothesiseine neue Hypothese aufstellen
constructKonstruktion {f} [gedanklich]
constructKonstrukt {n}
constructGedankengebäude {n}
constructGebilde {n}
DNA construct
DNA-Konstrukt {n}
to construct sth.etw.Akk. konstruieren
social construct
Sozialkonstrukt {n}
important constructSpektrumskonstrukt {n}
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  • Service learning opportunities include the Mexico House Building Trip (open to qualified high school students: twenty staff and students journey to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico to build a home for a family living in poverty), Habitat for Humanity (where students help construct a house for a family in their community), the West Side Food Bank and the Annual Blood Drive for United Blood Services.
  • In August 2008 information surfaced that Governor Latibeaudiere borrowed 51 million Jamaican dollars from the central bank to construct a house and furnish and landscape the grounds.
  • Building trades students construct a house each year as part of their curriculum.
  • In the show, the contestants' main objective is to construct a house whilst trying to find a partner in the process.
  • to support the rule of Mishnah Bava Batra 3:7 that a person should not construct a house so that its doorway opens directly opposite another doorway across a courtyard.

  • Architect Matyas Gutai obtained an EU grant to construct a house in Hungary which uses extensive water filled wall panels as heat collectors and reservoirs with underground heat storage water tanks.
  • In 1924 he settled to Schriina Hochrugg above Walenstadtberg where he began to construct a house which eventually would become the peace memorial Paxmal.
  • He construct a house for the rich money lender Sathyapalan who does not compensate then after completing the house.
  • It would appear that the improved economic conditions allowed Carrs to construct a house on the land some time between 1849 and 1855 when the land was sold to Zachary Ingold for 1200 pounds.
  • Davis engaged Sven Bengston, Swedish stonemason, to construct a house on the highest point of the estate to have sweeping views of Botany Bay.

  • Assistance was to be given to persons owning at least 2 cents of land to construct a house by themselves.
  • The funeral was plainly held and even the money collected for the ceremony was used to construct a house for a needy family as the lastwill of thero before his death.
  • They then decided to construct a house for their residential place.
  • On the other hand, peasants could not afford the resources and time to construct a house, therefore had to borrow the wooden framework from their owners to build a their dwellings, birthing a smaller and simpler version of Choga called a Todam house.
  • Wright was permitted to construct a house (no longer standing) on the reserve, adjacent to the nursery.

  • For example, to be granted land along King George's Terrace required one to construct a house at a minimum cost of 200 pounds, while houses on the secondary streets were to cost at least 100 pounds.
  • Shortly afterwards, in 1977, she began to construct a house in Cuernavaca for her daughter, María de Lourdes Borrego, and future grandchildren.
  • Some of the stone from the ruins was later taken to Gibraltar and used to construct a house at Governor's Parade.
  • In 1875, he purchased a quarter-acre plot of land that contained a Paugussett burial ground; he used funds from the Golden Hill Tribal Fund to construct a house on it.
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