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to construct a speecheine Rede zusammenstellen
to construct a walleine Wand aufführen [geh.] [aufbauen]
to construct a houseein Haus bauen
to construct a sentence
einen Satz bilden
to construct a bridgeeine Brücke bauen
to construct a shipein Schiff bauen
to construct a triangleein Dreieck erstellen
to construct a dramaein Drama konstruieren
to construct a roadeine Straße bauen
to construct a theoryeine Theorie entwickeln
to construct a theoryeine Theorie aufstellen
to construct a mathematical modelein mathematisches Modell errichten
to construct a new hypothesiseine neue Hypothese aufstellen
to deliver a speecheine Ansprache halten
to make a speecheinen Vortrag halten
to close a speecheine Rede beenden
a bromidic speecheine Rede {f} voller Gemeinplätze
to prepare a speecheine Rede ausarbeiten
to conclude a speecheine Rede beenden
to open a speecheine Rede beginnen
to give a speecheine Rede halten
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  • The apparent-time hypothesis is a methodological construct in sociolinguistics whereby language change is studied by comparing the speech of individuals of different ages.
  • Some have criticized linguistic rights proponents for taking language to be a single coherent construct, pointing out instead the difference between language and speech communities, and putting too much concern on inter-language discrimination rather than intra-language discrimination.
  • Inspired by the balcony scene in which Cyrano provides Christian with words to speak to Roxane, Stanley Milgram developed an experimental technique that used covert speech shadowing to construct hybrid personae in social psychological experiments, wherein subjects would interact with a "Cyranoid" whose words emanated from a remote, unseen "source".
  • With the recognition of the fact that speakers actively use language to construct and manipulate social identities by signalling membership in particular speech communities, the idea of the bounded speech community with homogeneous speech norms has become largely abandoned for a model based on the speech community as a fluid community of practice.
  • LPC synthesis can be used to construct vocoders where musical instruments are used as an excitation signal to the time-varying filter estimated from a singer's speech.

  • On the Ten Major Relationships (simplified Chinese: 论十大关系; traditional Chinese: 論十大關係; pinyin: lùn shídà guānxì) is a speech by Mao Zedong which outlines how the People's Republic of China would construct socialism different from the model of development undertaken by the Soviet Union.
  • Native readers and writers of English are often unaware that the complexities of English spelling make written English a somewhat artificial construct.
  • He participated in the last Soviet attempt to construct a supercomputer in 1986.
  • Heiða became involved in environmental politics fighting plans to construct a hydro-electric plant which would involve damming the river and flooding much of her farm.
  • It was proposed as a general theory of film semiotics, but has often been used to explore the way that informal digital video production can construct, represent or dramatize the identities of young filmmakers.

  • This act is a removal of word structure, bringing the letters back to its basic linguistic origin, before they were used to construct a political meaning.
  • As long as the hearer can be expected to construct a reasonable hypothesis on the relevance of the coopted unit to the utterance concerned there are few restrictions on what form the coopted unit may take and where it can be placed in its host construction.
  • including a 10 percent salary increase for public school staff retroactive to 1 July 1952, passage of a bill requiring vehicle inspections and establishment of a drivers' education program in every public high school, bond issues to construct facilities for the treatment and education of the mentally ill and to build schools, and a statewide referendum on the legalization of liquor sales.
  • By scanning a sound over past and future, the TDNN is able to construct a model for the key elements of that sound in a time-shift invariant manner.
  • Molotov attacked Khrushchev's suggestions for agricultural reform and also his plans to construct cheap, prefab apartments to alleviate Moscow's severe housing shortages.

  • The HK$258-million contract to construct the complex was jointly signed by the Architectural Services Department and the contractor on 22 June 1990.
  • Nenshi made light remarks alluding to Rob Ford's narcotic addictions, their religious heritage as mayors of 'redneck' cities, and Mandel's council decision to construct massive public works projects such as the Edmonton Downtown arena.
  • The "dynamic" or "social constructionist" approach is the most current approach to language and gender.
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