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NOUN   a continental slope | continental slopes
SYNO bathyal district | bathyal zone | continental slope
continental slope
Kontinentalhang {m}
continental slope
Kontinentalabhang {m}
continental slope
Kontinentalböschung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'continental slope' von Englisch nach Deutsch

continental slope
Kontinentalhang {m}geol.

Kontinentalabhang {m}geol.

Kontinentalböschung {f}geol.
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  • and flows north along the eastern continental slope of Africa.
  • Steep-sided valleys in the seabed of the continental slope are referred to as submarine canyons.
  • enter the Gulf at the continental slope and are slowly advected up the channel by estuariane circulation.
  • Large-scale melanges formed in active continental margin settings generally consist of altered oceanic crustal material and blocks of continental slope sediments in a sheared mudstone matrix.
  • However, if a primary mechanism must be selected, the downslope lineal morphology of canyons and channels and the transportation of excavated or loose materials of the continental slope over extensive distances require that various kinds of turbidity or density currents act as major participants.
  • the paleogeography of this part of the Cordilleran geosyncline probably consisted of an offshore island complex separated from the continental slope and shelf by a small ocean basin of behind-the-arc type.
  • Most species remain near the coast, schooling over the continental slope.
  • Such faulting can also occur when large masses of non-lithified sediment are deposited on a slope, such as at the front side of a delta or the continental slope.
  • Basement rocks that make up the valley at great depth are the Great Valley Sequence shale, sandstone and conglomerate deposited in a continental slope- to abyssal plain environment via turbidite flows.
  • deep, the gradient greatly increases and is known as the continental slope.
  • Inside the Black Sea Depression they are terrigenous non-carbonate silts, and at the foot of the continental slope turbidite sediments.
  • An example occurred during the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake that struck the continental slope off the coast of Newfoundland.
  • The foot of the continental slope is determined as the point of maximum change in the gradient at its base.
  • The continental margin, between the continental shelf and the abyssal plain, comprises a steep continental slope, surrounded by the flatter continental rise, in which sediment from the continent above cascades down the slope and accumulates as a pile of sediment at the base of the slope.
  • Native aluminium has been reported also in cold seeps in the northeastern continental slope of the South China Sea and Chen et al.
  • AIW's tritium and CFC signature is observed in DSOW at the base of the Greenland continental slope.
  • The canyon is much like that of a continental slope; the biology of the canyon changes significantly in different parts of the canyon.
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