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NOUN   a cringer | cringers
cringer [archaic] [pej.] [sycophant]Speichellecker {m} [pej.]
court cringerHofschranze {f} [seltener oder veraltet {m}]
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  • When Prince Adam transforms into He-Man, he uses the Power Sword to shoot an energy beam at Cringer so he can become Battle Cat.
  • Hahn and Maxam had played together in Cringer from the band's inception in 1985 to its demise in 1991.
  • In the 2002 series, Cringer occasionally meows like a kitten, but also shows bravery from time to time, including rescuing Prince Adam from falling to his death in Snake Mountain ("Council of Evil").
  • The phrase is also the title to a song by the band Cringer, in which they denounce the practice.
  • He appeared in the Tar Swamp, where he found a young Prince Adam and his pet, Cringer, at the time a tiger cub, and saved them both from dying in the tar.

  • In "The Beginning of the End Part 2", the beast drains Cringer's power and attacks Teela, Duncan, Evil-Lyn and Trap-Jaw while announcing that there will soon be only beings like him and after that they failed to stop him, Skeletor opens a rift to the heart of the universe.
  • He then takes Adam's body and flies back to Third Earth with Cringer, who refuses to leave Adam's side.
  • The stone is also used to turn Spirit into Swift Wind, as the power beam needed to perform the transformation comes from it (as opposed to the Sword of Power, where the energy beam that is used to transform Cringer into Battle Cat is shot from the tip of the sword and requires He-Man to point it directly at Cringer in order for it to work).
  • There is also the coward and chatty Hofmarschall von Kalb; dependent on President von Walter, he is a court cringer who personifies the court's lifestyle that is directed at outer appearance.
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