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NOUN   a crude form | crude forms
crude formunbearbeitete Form {f}
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crude form
unbearbeitete Form {f}
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  • When the "crude form/root" of the verb (ಕ್ರಿಯಾಪಕೃತಿ) ends with the vowel 'ಇ' ('itva') or with the vowel 'ಎ' ('etva') or with the vowel 'ಆ' ('ātva'), insert a euphonic 'ಯ್' ('yatva') after the form if a suffix that begins with a vowel follows.
  • This is then melted to form a crude form of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5).
  • Presence of iron ore and quartzite provide the evidence that iron smelting in a crude form was performed here.
  • Others in the circle had made much of a crude form of his arguments on romanticism: Louis Reynaud had claimed German romanticism was corrupting of contemporary French culture, and Lasserre was Germanophile and not a subscriber to the nationalist line of the Action française.
  • One of the processes caused the thorium to precipitate out as a phosphate or pyrophosphate in crude form, leaving a solution of lanthanide sulfates, from which the lanthanides could be easily precipitated as a double sodium sulfate.
  • Compression testing is a crude form of leak-down testing which also includes effects due to compression ratio, valve timing, cranking speed, and other factors.
  • In 1832, French instrument maker Hippolyte Pixii generated a crude form of alternating current when he designed and built the first alternator.
  • Experimentally toyed with in both clay and blocks of wax by German animator Oskar Fischinger and his associate Walter Rutmann during the 1920s and 1930s, a crude form is specifically found in the Lotte Reiniger film "Prince Achmed".
  • They may be a very crude form of early handaxe although they are not bifacially-worked and there is debate as to whether chopper cores were ever used as tools or simply discarded after the desired flakes were removed.
  • In order to ensure that Meropenem stays in the correct form a four-step process was developed wherein the crude form is mixed together with a base in water, a proper pH is established, the product is treated with alkanols, and then the pure form is isolated.
  • Oilbirds and some species of swiftlet are known to use a relatively crude form of echolocation compared to that of bats and dolphins.
  • The bauxite was shipped in a crude form by loading it onto barges, which were towed down the river to ships moored midstream off the Georgetown harbor.
  • The first version of "Multi Theft Auto", dubbed "Grand Theft Auto III: Alternative Multiplayer", attempted to fill in this gap by extending an already existing cheating tool with functionality that allowed the game to be played with a very crude form of two-player racing over a computer network purely as a proof of concept, This release abandoned the now obsolete "Deathmatch" tag in the product name to emphasize on the versatility of the software.
  • The original S/3 model 10 (and the later model 12) had an optional crude form of multi-programming called the Dual Program Feature.
  • This is a crude form of hardware multiprogramming.
  • However, use of character delimiters (especially commas) is also a crude form of data compression which may assist overall performance by reducing data volumes — especially for data transmission purposes.
  • Contemporary scanners can estimate attenuation using integrated x-ray CT equipment, in place of earlier equipment that offered a crude form of CT using a gamma ray (positron emitting) source and the PET detectors.
  • Exposure to pyrethrum, the crude form of pyrethrin, causes harmful health effects for mammals.
  • Academics tended to retain their autograph books for many years and gather the correspondence of fellow intellectuals with whom they associated; therefore the books began to function not only as sentimental artifacts but also as a crude form of scholarly credentials, a precursor to the modern "list of references".
  • A die roll is made random by uncertainty in minor factors such as tiny movements in the thrower's hand; they are thus a crude form of hardware random number generator.
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