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cryptozoological {adj}kryptozoologisch
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Übersetzung für 'cryptozoological' von Englisch nach Deutsch

cryptozoological {adj}
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  • Some extinct megafauna, such as the bunyip-like "Diprotodon", may remain in folk memory or be the sources of cryptozoological legends.
  • "Shitload": One of Korrok's supernatural minions. Shitload's natural form consists of a swarm of small, white insectoids comparable to rods described in cryptozoological theories.
  • One of his many interests was research into cryptozoological organisms like the Yeti or the Mongolian Death Worm.
  • He also promoted the ideas that cryptozoological creatures such as Bigfoot are real and that aliens intervened in human development.
  • The Fiskerton Phantom is a cryptozoological phantom cat or other creature, which was reportedly sighted near Fiskerton and formed the basis for a major character in "The Secret Saturdays" on Cartoon Network.
  • The program examines popular or persistent mysteries to determine whether the featured cryptozoological creature (cryptid) or supernatural phenomenon is real or not.
  • Gould took interest in investigating cryptozoological and paranormal claims.
  • "Green Mansions" also features some cryptozoological concepts such as "Curupita" (Curupira) and "Didi" purportedly representing giant apes unknown by science.
  • This cryptozoological proposal has been rejected by the scientific community at large, which considers it to be based on fantasy and pseudoscience.
  • The crest draws inspiration from the cryptozoological mythology and folklore of Sasquatch sightings in North Carolina and across the Appalachian Mountains.
  • MonsterTalk is a podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves.
  • Goolsby has always been fascinated by cryptozoological monsters, Horror movies and horror fiction, which are the core inspiration for his songwriting as well as folklore and ghost stories (especially those native to his home in Appalachia).
  • Her output as a painter includes a notable corpus of cryptozoological art, including her work as the primary illustrator of Bernard Heuvelmans's books.
  • A March 2013 review of the "Journal of Cryptozoology" in Brazilian journal "Revista Piauí" was generally positive regarding Shuker's efforts at a scientific approach to documenting cryptozoological findings, noting an article which put forth a giant oarfish as the most likely candidate to explain a recent sighting, but noted the professional challenges that cryptozoological researchers seeking to document findings may face, suggesting some are met with ridicule from colleagues due to a large portion of the cryptozoological community not being scientifically regarded.
  • Monster erotica, also referred to as monster porn or cryptozoological erotica Titles typical of the genre include "Cum For Bigfoot", "Frankenstein's Bitch", "Milked by the Aliens" or "Taken by the T-Rex".
  • In this ten-page full color comic in the anthology Kramers Ergot #4, two mountainside dwellers find inspiration for new musical styles based on their encounter with legendary cryptozoological creature, Jake the Alligator Man.
  • "Exotic Zoology" is a 1959 cryptozoological book by Willy Ley, a science writer and space advocate. The illustrator of the book is Olga Ley.
  • Additionally, locals promote an annual Bigfoot Festival and Conference dedicated to the cryptozoological creature, as popularized locally by an alleged 2000 sighting known as "The Siege of Honobia."
  • Broad's "Basic Limiting Principles", which set limits on the existence and operation of mind in a mathematically describable universe; the scale does not include items on astrology, cryptozoological creatures, or extraterrestrial intelligence, to name a few anomalies.
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