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SYNO currently | presently
currently {adv}derzeitig
currently {adv}momentan
currently {adv}gegenwärtig
currently {adv}zurzeit <zz. / zzt.>
currently {adv}derzeit <dz.> <dzt. [österr.]>
currently {adv}augenblicklich [derzeitig, momentan]
currently {adv}jetzt
currently {adv}gerade [derzeit]
currently {adv}aktuell
currently {adv}laufend
currently {adv}im Moment
currently {adv}im Augenblick
currently {adv}zur Zeit [alt] <z. Z., z. Zt.>
currently {adv}Stand jetzt [ugs.] [Redewendung]
2 Wörter
(currently) accepted {adj}geltend [vorherrschend]
currently unlocatable {adj}in Verstoß geraten [österr.] [Amtsjargon]
3 Wörter
(currently) being prepared {adj} [postpos.]in Vorbereitung befindlich
currently in force {adj} [postpos.]jeweils gültig
currently under construction {adj} [postpos.]
im Bau befindlich
4 Wörter
currently used sales documentsaktuelle Vertriebsdokumente {pl}
5+ Wörter
All our lines are currently busy.
Alle unsere Leitungen sind zur Zeit belegt.
It currently comprises 12 banks.Es umfasst gegenwärtig 12 Banken.
The law is currently being amended.
Das Gesetz wird derzeit geändert.
There is currently no known curative treatment for this condition.
Es gibt (momentan) noch keine Behandlung für diese Krankheit.
We are currently experiencing problems with ...Wir haben momentan Probleme mit ...
blanking of currently inactive function keys on the touch screen
Abdunkeln {n} momentan funktionsloser Tasten auf dem Touchscreen
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  • The second run began on January 8, 1995 and is still currently airing today. Currently, 1203 episodes have aired.
  • Currently, there are currently two government colleges, which provide education at intermediate level.
  • The Harlem Race Track, managed by the "Harlem Jockey Club", was a horse racing track located in the Village of Harlem, Illinois (currently Forest Park, Illinois) between Collier Avenue (currently 16th Street) and 12th St.
  • DDD currently operates three offices with over 1000 staff. It is currently the largest technology employer in Cambodia and Laos.
  • He currently resides in Bangalore/New York, NY and is currently a presenter for the Asian Games, presenting for the TV channel Ten Sports.

  • The church is led by a Chief Pastor (currently Abraham Mathew). In addition, there is a Deputy Chief Pastor (currently M.T. Thomas) and an Associate Deputy Chief Pastor (currently G. Jeyam).
  • The databases currently contain about 55 GB of data and there are three specialised spatial analysis tools currently available.
  • The City Judge is currently Marty Lasley, the City Attorney is currently Sam Elliot, and the City Court Clerk is currently Lena Curtis.
  • Currently, Mestre Pé de Chumbo is establishing a new capoeira academy in Germany where he currently lives and teaches.
  • Chung currently resides in Beijing. She is currently a restaurant owner.

  • Slagle currently resides in Sylvan Lake, Michigan, and is currently a mechanic for Cook-Finley Racing.
  • Repilov currently resides in Dmitrov. He has a younger brother, Pavel, who is currently competing on youth events.
  • All 42 seats in the Nevada Assembly are up for election in 2016. Republicans currently hold 24 seats, Democrats currently hold 16 seats, Libertarians currently hold 1 seat, and there is one vacancy.
  • Colts currently play at the all-seated Broadwood Stadium, currently ground-sharing with fellow Lowland Football League side Broomhill.
  • Guz was born to a Jewish family in Melitopol (currently Ukraine), and received his engineering degree in 1927 from the evening division of rabfak, Odessa, (currently Ukraine).

  • Other parties include: the Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK) (currently five seats), the European Party (currently three seats) and the Ecological and Environmental Movement (currently with one seat).
  • The Maryland Sister States Program currently includes currently includes 20 relationships in 17 countries.
  • 2013 Update: None of these projects are currently funded or staffed. There is currently no vocational education occurring at RASD.
  • As of December 2019 there are currently 374 Marinas on the road in Britain, with a further 498 currently SORN.
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