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ADJ   cyan | more cyan | most cyan
NOUN   a cyan | [usually uncountable] cyans
SYNO blue-green | bluish green | cyan | ...
cyan {adj}türkis
cyan {adj}blaugrün
cyan {adj}zyan
cyan {adj}cyan
cyan {adj}aquamarin
cyan {adj}kobaltblau
cyanZyan {n}
cyanCyan {n} [Cyanblau]
2 Wörter
cyan-tinged {adj}cyanstichig
cyan blueCyanblau {n}
cyan castCyanstich {m}
translucent cyan
Lasur-Cyan {n}
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  • Cyan {n} = cyanogen
  • cyan = cyan
  • Cyan {n} [Cyanblau] = cyan
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • By using light cyan or magenta, the printer can saturate areas that would typically use halftoning with these inks to remove the look of sparse magenta and cyan dots.
  • Much of this marketing fails to distinguish between the sharp, 400-450 nm blue spike in mainstream LED bulbs, versus the broad-spectrum blue (up to 525 nm cyan) present in other lighting technologies (including pre-LED technologies, and very new, cyan-rich LED technologies that go beyond the older CRI metrics), and natural light.
  • The web colors are more vivid than the cyan used in the CMYK color system, and the web colors cannot be accurately reproduced on a printed page.
  • In a red-cyan anaglyph, the eye viewing through the red filter sees red within the anaglyph as "white", and the cyan within the anaglyph as "black".
  • Robby shows Miguel as cyan-colored H-Dial that he discovered during his travel through the Multiverse.

  • In the X11 color system, which became a model for early web colors, azure is depicted as a pale cyan or white cyan.
  • Common colours used while making these patterns may include but are not limited to blue, red, black and green. Cyan colour is the dominating colour in Saraiki culture.
  • Blue and cyan-type colors also represent wood.
  • The first recorded use of "cyan blue" as a color name was in 1879 ("cyan blue" being the name used for "cyan" in the 19th century).
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