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cycles per secondUmdrehungen {pl} je Sekunde
cycles per second <cps, c/sec, c/s>
Zyklen {pl} pro Sekunde <cps, c/sec, c/s>
cycles per minute
Takte {pl} pro Minute
cycles per degree <CPD>
Zyklen {pl} pro Bogenminute
per second {adv}pro Sekunde
per second {adv}je Sekunde
characters per secondZeichen {pl} je Sekunde
cycle per secondUmdrehung {f} per Sekunde
bits per secondBits {pl} je Sekunde
characters per second <CPS>Zeichen {pl} pro Sekunde
frames per second <fps>
Bilder {pl} je / pro Sekunde
damage per second <DPS>
Schaden {m} pro Sekunde
respiratory volume per second
Atemsekundenvolumen {n}
bits per second <BPS>
Bits {pl} pro Sekunde [Übertragungs­rate]
calorie per second <cal/s>
Kalorie {f} pro Sekunde <cal/s>
million instructions per second <MIPS>
Millionen Anweisungen {pl} pro Sekunde <MIPS>
calories per second <cal/s>
Kalorien {pl} pro Sekunde <cal/s>
gigabit per second <Gbit/s>
Gigabit {n} pro Sekunde
frames per second <f/p, fps>
Bilder {pl} pro Sek. <BpS>
meter per second [Am.] <m/s>
Sekundenmeter {m} [früher fachspr. auch {n}] [veraltet]
floating point operations per second <FLOPS>
Gleitkommaoperationen {pl} pro Sekunde
metre per second <m/s, mps> [Br.]
Meter {m} {n} pro Sekunde <m/s>
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  • The first commercial PC, the Altair 8800 (by MITS), used an Intel 8080 CPU with a clock rate of 2 MHz (2 million cycles per second).
  • The number of instructions per second and floating point operations per second for a processor can be derived by multiplying the number of instructions per cycle with the clock rate (cycles per second given in Hertz) of the processor in question.
  • It was adopted by the CGPM (Conférence générale des poids et mesures) in 1960, officially replacing the previous name, "cycles per second" (cps).
  • This mains hum results in a tone of 50 or 60 cycles per second depending on the powerline frequency of the local alternating current supply.
  • What we experience as "higher pitched" or "lower pitched" sounds are pressure vibrations having a higher or lower number of cycles per second.

  • ... 7:1) of the diameter to the length of the exhaust pipe functioned to perpetuate the combustion cycle, and attained stable resonance frequency at 43 cycles per second.
  • The basic machine cycle was 200 microseconds (20 cycles of the 100 kHz clock in the cycling unit), or 5,000 cycles per second for operations on the 10-digit numbers.
  • The rate of alternation required to completely eliminate noticeable flicker depends on image brightness and other factors, but is typically well over 30 image pair cycles per second, the maximum possible with a 60 Hz display.
  • In contrast, the unit Hz should be interpreted as "cycles" per second.
  • The rate at which this cycle of conformational changes occurs is called the turnover rate (TOR) and is expressed as the average number of complete cycles per second performed by a single cotransporter molecule.

  • For instance, a typical World War II radar like the Type 7 GCI radar had a basic carrier frequency of 209 MHz (209 million cycles per second) and a PRF of 300 or 500 pulses per second.
  • the cycles per second of the sound of a mechanical siren is controlled by the speed of its rotor, and the number of openings.
  • 108 cycles per second (100 MHz), wire length would not be an issue.
  • The SI term hertz has replaced the term "cycles per second" for the same unit of frequency.
  • Being exactly 215 cycles per second, it is a convenient rate to use with simple binary counter circuits.

  • Drew's government insisted on spending $400 million in a ten-year program to convert Ontario's electricity system from 25 cycles per second (hertz) to 60, which would standardize it with the rest of North America.
  • The decode stage ended up with quite a lot of hardware: MIPS has the possibility of branching if two registers are equal, so a 32-bit-wide AND tree runs in series after the register file read, making a very long critical path through this stage (which means fewer cycles per second).
  • 42 billion cycles per second), which is highly stable [...] to one part in a quadrillion (...).
  • In the table below, data rates are given in million transfers&mdash;also known as megatransfers&mdash;per second (MT/s), while clock rates are given in MHz, million cycles per second.
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