Übersetzung für 'dandy' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   dandy | dandier | dandiest
NOUN   a dandy | dandies
SYNO beau | clotheshorse | dandy | ...
dandy {adj} [Am.] [coll.]prima [ugs.]
dandy {adj} [dandyish, foppish]geckenhaft
dandy {adj}stutzerhaft
dandyStutzer {m}
dandyGeck {m}
dandyStenz {m} [ugs.] [pej.] [Geck, Stutzer]
dandyDandy {m}
dandyeitler Mann {m}
dandyGent {m} [iron.]
dandyGigerl {m} {n} [österr.] [südd.] [veraltend]
dandy Schlurf {m} [österr.] [ugs.] [veraltend] [eitler, übertrieben modisch gekleideter Mann]
2 Wörter: Andere
handy-dandy {adj} [Am.] [coll.] [also: handy dandy] [convenient and useful]hilfreich [praktisch]
jim-dandy {adj} [Am.] [coll.]erstklassig
2 Wörter: Substantive
dandy fever
Dandyfieber / Dandy-Fieber {n} [Denguefieber]
dandy horse
Stutzerpferd {n}
dandy horse [forerunner of the bicycle]
Draisine {f}
dandy horse [forerunner of the bicycle]
Laufmaschine {f} [Draisine]
dandy rollEgoutteur {m}
dandy rollWasserzeichenroller {m}
dandy roller [tool for papermaking]
Dandyroller {m} [Werkzeug verwendet für Papierherstellung]
dandy-brushsteife Bürste {f}
dandy-cartleichtgefederter Wagen {m}
Dandy's syndrome
Dandy-Syndrom {n}
jim-dandy [Am.]Prachtkerl {m} [ugs.]
3 Wörter: Andere
fine and dandy {adj}schön und gut
like a dandy {adv}stutzerhaft
That's just dandy! [Am.] [coll.]Das ist echt spitze! [ugs.]
3 Wörter: Verben
to be a dandy [coll.] [dated] [excellent thing of its kind]ein Knüller sein [ugs.]
3 Wörter: Substantive
Dandy-Walker malformation <DWM>
Dandy-Walker-Fehlbildung {f}
Dandy-Walker malformation <DWM>
Dandy-Walker-Malformation {f} <DWM>
Dandy-Walker syndrome <DWS>
Dandy-Walker-Syndrom {n}
watermarking dandy (roll)Wasserzeichenwalze {f}
4 Wörter: Verben
to act like a dandygecken [veraltet]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
dandy longlegs [family Tipulidae]
Schnaken {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'dandy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

dandy {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
prima [ugs.]
dandy {adj} [dandyish, foppish]
dandy {adj}

Stutzer {m}

Geck {m}

Stenz {m} [ugs.] [pej.] [Geck, Stutzer]

Dandy {m}

eitler Mann {m}

Gent {m} [iron.]

Gigerl {m} {n} [österr.] [südd.] [veraltend]

Schlurf {m} [österr.] [ugs.] [veraltend] [eitler, übertrieben modisch gekleideter Mann]

handy-dandy {adj} [Am.] [coll.] [also: handy dandy] [convenient and useful]
hilfreich [praktisch]
jim-dandy {adj} [Am.] [coll.]

dandy fever
Dandyfieber / Dandy-Fieber {n} [Denguefieber]med.
dandy horse
Stutzerpferd {n}bike
dandy horse [forerunner of the bicycle]
Draisine {f}bikehist.

Laufmaschine {f} [Draisine]bikehist.
dandy roll
Egoutteur {m}

Wasserzeichenroller {m}
dandy roller [tool for papermaking]
Dandyroller {m} [Werkzeug verwendet für Papierherstellung]tools
steife Bürste {f}
leichtgefederter Wagen {m}
Dandy's syndrome
Dandy-Syndrom {n}med.
jim-dandy [Am.]
Prachtkerl {m} [ugs.]

fine and dandy {adj}
schön und gut
like a dandy {adv}
That's just dandy! [Am.] [coll.]
Das ist echt spitze! [ugs.]

to be a dandy [coll.] [dated] [excellent thing of its kind]
ein Knüller sein [ugs.]

Dandy-Walker malformation <DWM>
Dandy-Walker-Fehlbildung {f}med.

Dandy-Walker-Malformation {f} <DWM>med.
Dandy-Walker syndrome <DWS>
Dandy-Walker-Syndrom {n}med.
watermarking dandy (roll)
Wasserzeichenwalze {f}

to act like a dandy
gecken [veraltet]

dandy longlegs [family Tipulidae]
Schnaken {pl}entom.T
  • Dandy {m} [geh.] = toff [Br.] [coll.] [pej.]
  • Dandy {m} = fop
  • Dandy {m} = dandy
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The black soldier became another stock type during the Civil War and merged qualities of the slave and the dandy.
  • Mr. Laurence Calver - a dandy and Sir Waldo's other cousin.
  • And they said she'd be a dandy, when she reaches Harbour Grace.
  • The clothes-obsessed dandy first appeared in the 1790s, both in London and Paris.
  • He is soon surrounded by his enemies: the drunk who wants to continue the fight, the angry dandy, and the dandy's wife.

  • The horses were carried downhill in a special dandy wagon, usually attached to the end of the run of loaded wagons.
  • Cutflower: School professor. A dandy and a fop.
  • Shonibare also takes carefully posed photographs and videos recreating famous British paintings or stories from literature but with himself taking centre stage as an alternative, black British dandy – for example, "A Rake's Progress" by Hogarth, which Shonibare translates into "Diary of A Victorian Dandy" (1998), or his "Dorian Gray" (2001), named after Oscar Wilde's novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray".
  • Known for his dandy aesthetic, Dickon has peroxide blonde hair and is often seen in a white, blue, or silver-grey three-piece suit, the silver-grey suit being a bequest from fellow London dandy Sebastian Horsley.
  • Meanwhile an absurd little prose poem tells us of the dandy's infatuation with his own legs.

  • Frances Webster did then take as her lover the Regency dandy Scrope Berdmore Davies.
  • A Dandy loom was a hand loom, that automatically ratchetted the take-up beam.
  • The family firm John Pilling and Sons Ltd, made hand, dandy and power looms from 1819.
  • "Space Dandy" is an anime television series produced by Bones.
  • Moers pointed to the ambiguous origins of the dandy, in a merger of French and English traditions; to the paradox in the dandy's highly structured pose of inaction; and to the role of the female dandy.

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