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ADJ   dank | danker | dankest
SYNO clammy | dank
dank {adj}nasskalt
dank {adj}feucht
dank {adj} [cellar, cave, etc.]feuchtkalt [Keller, Höhle etc.]
dank {adj} [cool, awesome] [Am.] [sl.]geil [ugs.]
dank {adj}naßkalt [alt]
dank {adj}dumpfig [feucht]
dank [sl.] [potent marijuana]
gutes Gras {n} [ugs.] [wirkungs­volles Marihuana]
2 Wörter
dank cavenasskalte Höhle {f}
dank cavenaßkalte Höhle {f} [alt]
dank nugs {pl} [sl.] [potent marijuana]
gutes Gras {n} [ugs.] [wirkungs­volles Marihuana]
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  • The Kapa Kapa Trail across the Owen Stanley divide was a 'dank and eerie place, rougher and more precipitous' than the Kokoda Track on which the Australians and Japanese were then fighting.
  • Joseph McWilliams, PPRUA, said, "Her landscapes are "painted" landscapes, her boglands are expressive marks of paint, on richly textured surfaces redolent of bog cotton and dank brown pools.....
  • By 2003 it had 60 brightly lit and modern bookshops aiming to shake off the old 'dank and dusty' image.
  • Einige Industriestandorte am Rande des Reviers entwickelten sich dank der Braunkohle, so zum Beispiel die 1939 aus einer Kohlehydrierungs-Fabrik entstandene Raffinerie in Wesseling oder das Schaltwerk und Umspannwerk des RWE in Brauweiler.
  • It is found from the south west to the west of Yunnan Province in dense dank forest.
  • Bail had been set so high for Reuben that he could not met it, and he remained in the dank Washington jail for over six months. He contracted tuberculosis there, and died not long after his release.
  • The early versions of this bomber lacked comfort for their crews. They had a dank and dingy interior, and there was neither a toilet nor a galley in the aircraft.
  • In 2016 Schaap cooperated in the documentary "Stank voor dank", where multiple whistleblowers tell their stories about their experiences with going public about wrongdoings of their former employers.
  • The 1926 poster "Laat niet als dank..." advertising garbage collection is considered to be iconic in the Netherlands.
  • Since the area could not expand horizontally, the Jews built vertical additions to their houses, which blocked the sun from reaching the already dank and narrow streets.
  • Gruumm's forces travel in the Terror Spacecraft that they use to travel throughout outer space in its journey to conquer and destroy planets. Inside, everything is green, dank, and skeletal.
  • Sleep Dank, also known as Sleep Da Danker or Sleepdank, is an American rapper signed to the late Mac Dre's label Thizz Entertainment.
  • "Gott sei dank … dass Sie da sind!" is a German television series, based on the Australian comedy program "Thank God You're Here".
  • A 1951 article in Life magazine describes how the influx of filmmakers broke the "sweltering monotony of life along the dank, disease-ridden shores" of the river.
  • He became a regular movie reviewer on the show and renowned for his slang, like "schwag" for bad, "dank" for good, "diggity dank" for excellent and "schwiggity schwag" for worst.
  • On 21 March 2012 Roel Smit published the Mouth and MacNeal biography; "Mouth & MacNeal, duo tegen wil en dank".
  • In 1922 Hoboken married [...] (1895-1959), an actress whom he had rescued from ill health resulting from living in the dank basement apartment of her former lover.
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