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differential diagnosis <DD, DDx, ddx, ΔΔ>
Differentialdiagnose {f} <DD>
differential diagnosis <DD, DDx, ddx, ΔΔ>
Differenzialdiagnose {f} <DD>
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  • Diagnostic techniques for this condition can be done to offer a DDx, via lectin histochemistry to distinguish between α-mannosidosis and beta-mannosidosis.
  • DDT, DDE and DDD are sometimes referred to collectively as DDX.
  • The DDx for this condition includes metopic synostosis, as well as Lambdoida synostosis.
  • DDX-1 was an experimental network from Nippon PTT. It mixed circuit switching and packet switching. It was succeeded by DDX-2.
  • The DDX proposed using permanent-magnet motors (PMMs) within the hull, which was abandoned in favor of a more conventional induction motor.

  • This singular rack-mounted appliance could be combined with other DD690s to form a "DDX Array".
  • In March 2018, Canadaland launched "DDx", medical podcast, which was the "first program from "Canadalands new branded podcast unit, "Earshot", ranked as "one of the top medical podcasts in iTunes' Canadian and U.S.
  • , was retired, and the generic modesetting DDX it contained was moved into the server package to become the KMS-enabled default DDX, supporting the vast majority of AMD, Intel and NVidia GPUs.
  • House also tells the team, during another DDx, that he was tricking them all along just so he could find out which of the team he could actually trust.
  • The current version of XQuartz is a DDX (Device Dependent X) included in the X.Org Server and implements support for hardware-accelerated 2D graphics (in versions prior to 2.1), hardware OpenGL acceleration and integration with Aqua, the macOS graphical user interface (GUI).

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