Übersetzung für 'deceasing' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to decease | deceased | deceased
deceasing | deceases
deceasing {adj} {pres-p}sterbend
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Übersetzung für 'deceasing' von Englisch nach Deutsch

deceasing {adj} {pres-p}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Prior to this legislative change, the most common means of ensuring that the Nil-Rate Band of a pre-deceasing spouse was utilised was to include a legacy in the predeceasing spouse's will of any unused portion of their Nil Rate Band at death to the trustees of a discretionary trust, with the remaining part of the estate being left either to the surviving spouse absolutely (i.e. ...
  • The three experiments that have measured a value for "θ"13, in deceasing order of sensitivity are Daya Bay in China, RENO in South Korea and Double Chooz in France, which use 1-2 km baselines, optimized for observation of the first "θ"13-controlled oscillation maximum.
  • In the early 2000s, Palladium was experiencing deceasing sales, so the company continued to produce new settings in an attempt to offset this, and as a result "Rifts Chaos Earth" (2003), a prequel to "Rifts", was released and supplemented that same year by a few sourcebooks.
  • Affected by a hepatic cancer, he was unable to finish his second mandate, deceasing on February 29, 1996. He was homaged by a massive popular manifestation in his interment.
  • William de Warrene (1256–1286) was killed at a tournament in Croydon pre-deceasing his father.

  • Chartrand died on April 2, 1994 due to complications with liver disease, pre-deceasing partner Kye Marshall. The Lina Chartrand Poetry Award was established in her memory.
  • He died in 1259, pre-deceasing his father.
  • They also carried considerable washout, deceasing the likelihood of tip stalling though reducing high-speed performance.
  • Her work has led to the deceasing rates of food insecurity.
  • Knollys became 2nd major in the 1st troop of Life Guards in 1737. He died on 6 June 1740, pre-deceasing his father.

  • His brother, the film director Pen Tennyson, also died during the Second World War, pre-deceasing him on 7 July 1941.
  • The top surface of the upper wing was flat but deceasing thickness provided some dihedral; the lower wing carried dihedral on both surfaces.
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