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sb. deserves creditjdm. gebührt Anerkennung
sb. deserves respectjdm. gebührt Achtung
sb. deserves sth.etw. gebührt jdm. [geh.]
sb. deserves sth.etw. steht jdm. zu
sb. deserves sth.jd. verdient etw.Akk. [Lob, Strafe etc.]
He deserves your confidence.Er verdient Ihr Vertrauen.
because sb. deserves sth.weil etw. jdm. zusteht
sb. deserves sth. [undesirable]
jdm. gehört etw. [gebührt] [österr.] [südd.] [schweiz.]
sb. deserves to be hangedjd. ist reif für den Galgen [Redewendung]
One good turn deserves another.
Eine Hand wäscht die andere.
to enjoy the status one deservesden Stellenwert bekommen, der einem zusteht
to get what one deserves [just punishment]seine gerechte Strafe erhalten
sb. deserves [e.g.: ... to be promoted / to get paid / to be punished]
jd. gehört ... [z. B. ... befördert / bezahlt / bestraft zu werden] [ugs. auch verkürzt: jd. gehört befördert / bezahlt / bestraft]
sb. deserves to get sth. [e.g. good weather, good marks] jd. verdient etw.Akk. [z. B. gutes Wetter, gute Noten]
sb. deserves to get sth. [e.g. good weather, good marks] jd. hat etw.Akk. verdient [z. B. gutes Wetter, gute Noten]
Kredit {m}
Haben {n}
Namensnennung {f}
Guthaben {n}
creditVertrauen {n}
Nennung {f}
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  • Others say that JNF deserves credit for this decision, and the forests would not have survived otherwise.
  • Although debate exists as to who deserves credit for this general staining method, popular usage has attributed it to Dmitri Leonidovich Romanowsky.
  • Considered for the influences of his philosophy, de Tracy minimally deserves credit for his distinction between active and passive touch which ultimately fed the development of psychological theories of muscular sense.
  • Sol Stern wrote that "Cold War liberalism deserves credit for the greatest American achievement since World War II—winning the Cold War".
  • This issue is narrower than the question of who deserves credit for inventing the telephone, for which there are several claimants.

  • In reacting to the FAA's report the Experimental Aircraft Association's Vice President of Industry and Regulatory Affairs, Earl Lawrence, said, "The FAA did an excellent job with this investigation and deserves credit for thoroughly exploring all possibilities.
  • He noted that Webb "deserves credit for pursuing an important piece of recent history and forcing the CIA and the Justice Department to investigate the contra-drug connection", but remained critical of several aspects of the book, observing that Webb's "threshold of proof is on the low side".
  • 11-16, 1993, that Lallement deserves credit for putting pedals on the dandy horse.
  • The unity the citizens displayed in reaching this decision deserves credit, and the determination they displayed in putting this gigantic plan in operation has become a significant portion of Ulysses and Grant County history.
  • Martin Scorsese believes that Pastrone's work in Cabiria can be considered as the invention of the epic movie and he deserves credit for many of the innovations often attributed to D.W.

  • Cleomedes deserves credit for the earliest clear statement of the apparent distance explanation of the Sun Illusion or Moon Illusion.
  • But other Poles praise Kiszczak for relinquishing power without violence and point out that he deserves credit for eventually opening a dialogue with "Solidarity" and its leader Lech Wałęsa in the Round Table talks that led to partially free elections in 1989 and the end of communism in Poland.
  • Rudolf IV of Austria deserves credit for his prudent economic policy, which raised the level of prosperity.
  • Pereira who deserves credit for his able management of the school.
  • Developer Monolith Productions deserves credit for creating one of the finest and most unique PC games of the year to date".

  • Joshua Pfeiffer (of Vernian Process) is quoted as saying, "As for Paul Roland, if anyone deserves credit for spearheading Steampunk music, it is him.
  • Biographer Stephen Henderson writes that Macdonald deserves credit for the introduction, in 1957, of an equalization scheme designed to enable poorer provinces to provide comparable levels of services to their citizens.
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