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NOUN   a desired destination | desired destinations
desired destinationgewünschter Zielort {m}
desired destinationgewünschter Bestimmungs­ort {m}
desired {adj}erwünscht
desired {adj} {past-p}erhofft
desired {adj} {past-p}gewollt
desired {adj} {past-p}gewünscht
desired impactWirkungs­absicht {f}
if desired {adv}falls gewünscht
desired value
Soll {n} [Sollwert]
desired condition
Sollzustand {m}
as desiredauf Wunsch
desired addressWunschadresse {f}
long-desired {adj}lang begehrt
desired thickness
Solldicke {f}
desired professionWunschberuf {m}
long-desired {adj}langersehnt
desired doneness
gewünschter Garpunkt {m}
desired sizegewünschte Größe {f}
desired respite
gewünschtes Zahlungs­ziel {n}
desired weightWunschgewicht {n}
desired consistencygewünschte Konsistenz {f}
desired candidateWunschkandidat {m}
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  • However, Leo Wiener considers the Columbus accounts to be apocryphal: what was taken for accounts of the Americas may have been, in fact, notes Columbus derived from accounts of the East Indies, his desired destination.
  • The psychology behind "go fever" is also reminiscent of "get-home-itis", the irrational desire to press on unnecessarily to a desired destination despite significant (but likely temporary) adverse conditions.
  • Rather than only being able to access bikes from designated locations, this scheme allows people to borrow a bike wherever there is one available, and ride it to the desired destination without the need to return it to a 'docking station'.
  • Each digit was transmitted as it was dialed which caused the switching system to select the desired destination circuit.
  • Because any of the sources can be routed to any destination, the internal arrangement of the router is arranged as a number of crosspoints which can be activated to pass the corresponding source signal to the desired destination.

  • Curiously, the route taken through the Estate is one-way which means that one is often, initially, taken further away from the desired destination.
  • The packet is routed toward its proper place on the circular ring and the peer whose node ID is closest to the desired destination will receive the packet.
  • making it the most-desired destination country for potential migrants worldwide, followed by Germany and Canada.
  • It has 15 branch offices and representative offices in 6 markets around the world, and its primary mission is to maximize the social and economic contribution that tourism makes to the community of Hong Kong, and consolidate the city's position as a desired destination.
  • Health centers resolved this issue by communicating to closer centers, which then communicated the message to the desired destination.

  • It is believed the founders of the club were about to migrate to Australia at the end of the 19th century, so they named their club after their shared desired destination Tasmania.
  • Upon reaching their desired destination however, it is realized that "Voyager" was deceived and was actually directed to the heart of the "Dream Aliens" space.
  • An email click-through rate is defined as the number of recipients who click one or more links in an email and landed on the sender's website, blog, or other desired destination.
  • He claimed that all successful people take on their own lives by "charting" or consciously choosing both the desired destination and the path to reach it.
  • One ticket is used per flight, and if a player chooses to fly through a storm and does not make it to the desired destination, between one and three tickets need to be cashed in to pay for damages to the plane.

  • When an interruption in a network topology occurs, the software running on the networking electronics can calculate another route to the desired destination via an alternate available path.
  • Various methods evolved to signal the desired destination telephone number for a telephone call directly dialed by the subscriber.
  • Other models may be inflatable, this can make for easier storage, but would require an air pump to inflate once it is brought to the desired destination.
  • Multipoint relays (MPRs) relay messages between nodes. They also have the main role in routing and selecting the proper route from any source to any desired destination node.
  • Because many search engines give a penalty for using the META refresh command, some doorway pages just trick the visitor into clicking on a link to get them to the desired destination page, or they use JavaScript for redirection.

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