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NOUN   a diaphragm | diaphragms
diaphragmsDiaphragmen {pl}
diaphragmsScheidewände {pl}
Blenden {pl}
iris diaphragms
Irisblenden {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'diaphragms' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Diaphragmen {pl}

Scheidewände {pl}

Blenden {pl}MedTech.photo.

iris diaphragms
Irisblenden {pl}MedTech.opticsphoto.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • They began early in the Ordovician with "Proendoceras" or similar genus which had developed endocones, replacing the diaphragms of the ellesmerocerid ancestor.
  • Gamble said that health workers could be trained to fit diaphragms, which would be using different standards of care for women in the developing world than for women in the developed world.
  • In most abattoirs, the diaphragms of pigs are routinely sampled to detect "Trichinella" infections.
  • Within the meter there are two or more chambers formed by movable diaphragms.
  • Sometimes stops and diaphragms are called apertures, even when they are not the aperture stop of the system.
  • They were similar to the more diverse Plectronocerida and Ellesmerocerida, with short shells, closely-spaced septa, and diaphragms (partitions) within the siphuncle.
  • Similar to single-seated valves, multi-seat valves consist of the valve body, however, are equipped with various diaphragms and actuators, as well as one control and feedback unit per actuator.
  • Bandha mudras (lock mudras) are a type of mudra performed on the three diaphragms (respiratory, vocal, and pelvic). They are used in conjunction with holding the breath ("kumbhaka") during pranayama.
  • Generally stiff metal diaphragms may only displace a few cubic centimeters of volume because the metal can not endure large degrees of flexing without cracking, but the stiffness of a metal diaphragm allows it to pump at high pressures.
  • Corn starch is the preferred anti-stick agent on medical products made from natural latex, including condoms, diaphragms, and medical gloves.
  • Self-framing metal buildings are a form of pre-engineered building which utilizes roll formed roof and wall panel diaphragms as significant parts of the structural supporting system.
  • For absolute measurements, welded pressure capsules with diaphragms on either side are often used.
  • Diaphragms usually come in different sizes and require a fitting appointment with a health care professional to determine which size a woman should wear.
  • Due to a lack of inter-carriage diaphragms and the ancient construction giving draughty conditions for staff, the vans were banned from service as of midnight 7 June 1982.
  • The use of a phonograph reproducer with mica Isinglass diaphragms allowed the cost of production to be reduced.
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