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ADJ   differentiable | more differentiable | most differentiable
differentiable {adj}
differentiable {adj}unterscheidbar
2 Wörter
continuously differentiable {adj}
stetig differenzierbar
partial differentiable {adj}
partiell differenzierbar
differentiable function
differenzierbare Funktion {f}
differentiable manifold
differenzierbare Mannigfaltigkeit {f}
differentiable structure
differenzierbare Struktur {f}
3 Wörter
differentiable from above {adj}
rechtsseitig differenzierbar
differentiable from below {adj}
linksseitig differenzierbar
n times differentiable {adj}
n-mal differenzierbar
4 Wörter
differentiable from the left {adj}
linksseitig differenzierbar
differentiable from the right {adj}
rechtsseitig differenzierbar
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  • In the category of differentiable manifolds, fiber bundles arise naturally as submersions of one manifold to another.
  • Similarly, differentiable structures on a manifold is usually a discrete space, and hence an example of topology, but exotic R4s have continuous moduli of differentiable structures.
  • Four-manifolds often admit many unusual differentiable structures, most strikingly the uncountably infinitely many exotic differentiable structures on R4.
  • Note that unit-speed geodesics, as defined here, are by necessity continuous, and in fact Lipschitz, but they are not necessarily differentiable or piecewise differentiable.
  • It is an invertible function that maps one differentiable manifold to another such that both the function and its inverse are differentiable.

  • The situation thus described is in marked contrast to complex differentiable functions.
  • can be differentiable as a multi-variable function, while not being complex-differentiable.
  • If f is continuously differentiable, then the differential equation has at most one continuously differentiable solution satisfying [...].
  • The map [...] as above is called continuously differentiable or [...] if it is differentiable on the domain and also the derivatives vary continuously; i.e., [...] is continuous.
  • An equivalent characterization in terms of Cauchy problems is the following: the strongly continuous semigroup generated by "A" is eventually differentiable if and only if there exists a [...] such that for all [...] the solution "u" of the abstract Cauchy problem is differentiable on [...].

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