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NOUN   a digamma | digammas
digamma [δίγαμμα] <Ϝ, ϝ> [archaic Greek letter]
Digamma {n}
digamma function
Digamma-Funktion {f}
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  • Digamma {n} = digamma [δίγαμμα] <Ϝ, ϝ> [archaic Greek letter]
  • Digamma-Funktion {f} = digamma function
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  • Alternatively, the estimates provided by the method of moments can instead be used as initial values for an iterative solution of the maximum likelihood coupled equations in terms of the digamma functions.
  • Hesiod does not observe digamma as often as the others do.
  • Zeta has the numerical value 7 rather than 6 because the letter digamma (also called 'stigma' as a Greek numeral) was originally in the sixth position in the alphabet.
  • For this purpose the letters digamma and qoppa (but not san) were retained although they had gone out of general use, and the obscure letter sampi was added at the end of the alphabet.
  • The Pamphylian alphabet made use both of the original Pamphylian digamma (Ͷ) and a standard digamma (Ϝ).

  • In Proto-Greek, Attic-declension nouns had long ᾱ "ā" and digamma (ϝ "w") before the endings.
  • The use of words that possibly preserve the digamma in the Himara (βρόζος, “ρόζος/knot”. ...
  • Bernoulli numbers are also frequently used in other kinds of asymptotic expansions. The following example is the classical Poincaré-type asymptotic expansion of the digamma function [...].
  • Where [...] is the digamma function (derivative of log gamma), and we used the reverse substitutions in the last step.
  • Below, [...] is the gamma function and [...] is the digamma function.

  • ("wepos") in Ionian; the digamma, later lost, lengthened the last syllable of the preceding [...] ("eipas") and removed the apparent defect in the meter.
  • The digamma function is often denoted as [...] or [...] (the uppercase form of the archaic Greek consonant digamma meaning double-gamma).
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