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NOUN   a dimple | dimples
VERB   to dimple | dimpled | dimpled
dimpling | dimples
SYNO dimple | dimpled chad | pregnant chad
to dimplekräuseln [Grübchen erzeugen]
dimpleGrübchen {n}
dimple [of a golf ball]
Dimpel {m}
(smile) dimpleLachgrübchen {n}
chin dimpleKinngrübchen {n}
chin dimpleKinngrube {f} [z. B. bei Pferden]
dimple keyBohrmuldenschlüssel {m}
double hole dimple [recorder]
Griffmulde {f} [Blockflöte]
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  • When a jar has cooled and is properly sealed, pressing the dimple on the lid will not make any sound.
  • An automatic center punch is a hand tool used to produce a dimple in a workpiece (for example, a piece of metal).
  • In addition to the dimple tread pattern mentioned above, at least one tire has an extra "wing" to cover the gap between the tire sidewall and the wheel rim and reduce drag.
  • A ball is formed which has been pulled smooth on top and has a dimple on the bottom.
  • Sometimes there is a dimple or funnel-shaped depression, known as the umbilical region or the umbilical field, next to or at the basal hollow of the columella, when the walls of successive whorls are not closely wound against each other.

  • A dimple is a facial feature.
  • At the level of the facial colliculus the sulcus limitans widens into a flattened depression, the superior fovea, and in the inferior part of the fossa appears as a distinct dimple, the inferior fovea.
  • The original place name can be reconstructed as "Dobelene" or "Dobeliene", but its origins are linked to the place name "duobe" (pit or delve) and "duobele" (dip, dimple).
  • The first dimple-pattern for golf balls is patented by William Taylor in England.
  • The protocone and the hypocone were almost identical, with an oblique and elongated central dimple and a posterior dimple stopped by a sort of hook fused to the ectoloph.

  • Holes are easier to start in wood as the drill bit can be accurately positioned by pushing it into the wood and creating a dimple. The bit will thus have little tendency to wander.
  • The dimple-cheeked miner bee ("Andrena cyanophila") is a species of miner bee in the family Andrenidae. It is found in North America.
  • Translating to "butter eye", the Swiss-German name originally signifies a dimple on top of some sweet pastry that has been filled with butter and sugar before baking.
  • A dimple lock is a pin tumbler lock where the bitting is located on the side of the key, rather than the top.
  • A puckered, dimple, or an ecchymosis of the skin just anterior to the distal humerus is a sign of difficult reduction because the proximal fragment may have already penetrated the brachialis muscle and the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

  • Jessica and Elizabeth are equally popular. They are described as having long golden hair, blue-green eyes, a tan, and a dimple on the left cheek.
  • In the early days of planning, China vied to host the SKA, proposing to build several large dishes in the natural limestone depressions (karst) that dimple its southwestern provinces; China called their proposal Kilometer-square Area Radio Synthesis Telescope (KARST).
  • (1) a dimple like depression at each icosahedral 2-fold axis; (2) a large trimeric protrusion at or surrounding each 3-fold axis; (3) a cylindrical projection surrounding each 5-fold axis that encloses a central channel which connects the inside of the particle with its exterior and serves as the entry and exit portal for viral DNA.
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