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ADJ   dimpled | more dimpled | most dimpled
VERB   to dimple | dimpled | dimpled
dimpling | dimples
dimpled {adj} {past-p}gekräuselt
dimpled {adj}mit Grübchen [nachgestellt]
dimpled chingespaltenes Kinn {n}
dimpled membrane
Noppenbahn {f}
four-dimpled springtail-stalker [Notiophilus quadripunctatus]
Vierpunkt-Laubläufer {m} [Laufkäferart]
golden-dimpled ground beetle [Carabus (Limnocarabus) clatratus]
Ufer-Laufkäfer {m}
the many-dimpled [Blethisa multipunctata] [carabid ground beetle]
Narbenkäfer {m} [Laufkäferart]
the many-dimpled [Blethisa multipunctata] [carabid ground beetle]
Narbenläufer {m} [Laufkäferart]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In modern turf roof construction, bitumen roofing felt combined with dimpled plastic drainage membranes are usually used in place of birch bark.
  • Its yellow-brown bark is scaly to dimpled. The twigs are whitish.
  • Her most famous role, however, is probably as the Emerald City manicurist in "The Wizard of Oz" who sings to Dorothy that "we can make a dimpled smile out of a frown".
  • Mummified specimens recovered from the Karoo Basin and described in 2022 revealed that "Lystrosaurus" had dimpled, leathery and hairless skin.
  • Tubes used for riding on snow are sometimes specially designed tubes with dimpled centers rather than a "donut" hole.

  • Many pubs, in Sydney and Melbourne particularly, offer Guinness style and/or conical pint glasses along with tankard glass and British dimpled glass pint mugs.
  • A ball moving through air experiences two major aerodynamic forces, lift and drag. Dimpled balls fly farther than non-dimpled balls due to the combination of these two effects.
  • or abacus beads is a Hakka Chinese dish consisting of dimpled, disc-shaped dumplings made with taro and tapioca flour.
  • Like that of the related citruses, the byeonggyul fruit has a fragrant dimpled rind.
  • The recount case was later cited by Vice President Al Gore's legal team during the 2000 Florida recount as precedent for counting "dimpled chads".

  • Old Parr is sold in a distinctive dimpled and rounded square bottle, and is packaged in a gold cardboard box. Glendullan has been a major component of the blend since World War II.
  • It has oval shaped body with dimpled plate margins, a brown girdle with eight overlapping plates, long calcareous spicules and dark bands.
  • The large but light samosa of Parpodi is different from the Punjabi kind (which is bulkier and full of spicy masala). This pale gold, dimpled pastry is very popular with travelers.
  • 1995 – the heat-sealing method was introduced. Also, the dual-material dimpled bumper was introduced, allowing for the rough usage of luggage.
  • The development of "neutron lenses" based on total internal reflection within hollow glass capillary tubes or by reflection from dimpled aluminum plates has driven ongoing research into neutron microscopy and neutron/gamma ray tomography.

  • The shell surface often appears dimpled or hammered, and can range in color from olive-green to reddish-brown with colored bands.
  • Flying saucers are small dimpled discs of edible coloured paper (rice paper), typically filled with white unflavoured sherbet (the same form as in Sherbet Fountains).
  • Corday's physical appearance is described on her passport as "five feet and one inch [...]... hair and eyebrows auburn, eyes gray, forehead high, mouth medium size, chin dimpled, and an oval face".
  • "Colubrina beccariana" grows as a tree up to [...] tall with a trunk diameter of up to [...]. Its brown bark is smooth to dimpled. The roundish fruits measure up to [...] long.
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