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VERB   to dimple | dimpled | dimpled
dimpling | dimples
dimpling {adj} {pres-p}Grübchen erzeugend
dimpling punch
Senkdorn {m}
skin dimpling
Dellenbildung {f} der Haut [bei Cellulite]
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  • Pre-construction testing may adopt finite element analysis (FEA) for ply-by-ply analysis of curved surfaces and predicting wrinkling, crimping and dimpling of composites.
  • A hammered nickel (pock-marked) blade has the most flash in that the dimpling reflects light at more angles than a smooth polished blade.
  • PXE first affects the retina through a dimpling of the Bruch membrane (a thin membrane separating the blood vessel-rich layer from the pigmented layer of the retina), that is only visible during ophthalmologic examinations.
  • Externally, the mentalis muscle contraction causes wrinkling and dimpling of the skin on the chin, as used in expressions of doubt or displeasure.
  • Form countersinking, also known as "dimpling", is a countersink that is formed into sheet metal to increase the strength of a structure as the countersinks of multiple pieces nest together.

  • Reardon-Hall-Slaney syndrome, also known as "mesomelic dwarfism-cleft palate-camptodactyly" is a rare genetic disorder which is characterized by mesomelic limb shortening and bowing, finger camptodactyly, skin dimpling, retrognathia and mandibular hypoplasia.
  • Annular cutters can also be used to make holes in pipes and tubes. Annular cutters help make holes in pipe and tubes without dimpling and deburring.
  • blinking while speaking, tearing while eating) and chin dimpling (chin dimples forming when speaking).
  • She looks in the mirror for visual signs of dimpling, swelling, or redness on or near the breasts.
  • Cat-facing appears when part of the fruit develops before the rest, disease, or by insect adults and nymphs feeding on the surface of the fruit as indicated by unsightly dimpling, deformity, and deciduous scarring.

  • Cellulite is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests as skin dimpling and nodularity, often on the pelvic region (specifically the buttocks), lower limbs, and abdomen.
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