Übersetzung für 'dims' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to dim | dimmed | dimmed
dimming | dims
sb. dimsjd. verdunkelt
sth. dimsetw. trübt
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Übersetzung für 'dims' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. dims
jd. verdunkelt
sth. dims
etw. trübt
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • As the visible light dims, the infrared light grows and also lasts for an extended period of time, usually dimming and brightening a number of times.
  • Extinction is a term used in optical mineralogy and petrology, which describes when cross-polarized light dims, as viewed through a thin section of a mineral in a petrographic microscope.
  • His work revealed that the system was an eclipsing binary variable, a star that dims when its partner obscures its light.
  • During May 2008, a group of international infrared astronomers proved that intergalactic dust greatly dims the light of distant galaxies.
  • In 2012, Leviton launched its Universal Dimming device line which dims any dimmable light-emitting diode, compact fluorescent light, or incandescent lightbulb.

  • , appears to expand slowly and dims in peak and integrated brightness within the interior of the apparent ring of dust.
  • Several structures have been described as cometary knots or cometary globules that surround R Coronae Borealis, which is a peculiar star described as potentially the result of a white dwarf merger or final helium shell flash that periodically dims due to a build-up of carbon dust surrounding it, acting as a 'natural coronograph'.
  • Destructible objects such as ornaments or plants may block secret doors. If light poles and firepots are shot, the area dims. Glass can be shattered by shooting or running through it.
  • Also called adaptive street lighting, it brightens when sensing activity and dims while not.
  • This is responsible for the Purkinje effect: as intensity dims at twilight, the rods take over, and before color disappears completely, peak sensitivity of vision shifts towards the rods' peak sensitivity (blue-green).

  • Dimmesdale metaphorically fades away (dims) as the novel progresses, while Chillingworth has a cold (chilled) heart.
  • WASP-43 was first flagged as host to a potential transiting event (when a body crosses in front of and dims its host star) by data collected by SuperWASP, a British organization working to discover transiting planets across the entirety of the sky.
  • This transit causes a regular interval in which the star briefly and slightly dims as the planet crosses it.
  • The Kepler spacecraft's first days of science activity revealed a series of transit events, in which some body (such as a planet) crosses in front of, and therefore dims, its host star.
  • The lighting system includes both occupancy sensors and a daylight harvesting system that automatically dims or brightens the lights in a room based on the amount of daylight.

  • Horace leaves to buy the bottle while Millie dims the lights and changes clothes in the bedroom.
  • that dims the tale.
  • Internal lighting dims when natural ambient light is brighter, and the heat load of the building is reduced through the use of "low emissivity" glass on the building's facade.
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