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donkey's ears {adv} [coll.] [from British rhyming slang] [donkey's years, a very long time]ewig und drei Tage [ugs.] [hum.] [Redewendung]
donkey's ears {sg} [sl.] [a pair of scissor binoculars]
Scherenfernrohr {n} <S.F., Sch.F., Scherf.>
donkey ears {pl} [treated as sg.] [Otidea onotica]
Rötlicher Öhrling {m}
donkey ears {pl} [treated as sg.] [Otidea onotica]
Eselsohr {n}
donkey ears {pl} [treated as sg.] [Otidea onotica]
Esel-Öhrling / Eselöhrling {m}
donkey ears {pl} [treated as sg.] [Kalanchoe pinnata, syn.: Bryophyllum calycinum, Cotyledon pinnata, Vereia pinnata]
Brutblatt {n} [Goethe-Pflanze]
donkey ears {pl} [treated as sg.] [Kalanchoe pinnata, syn.: Bryophyllum calycinum, Cotyledon pinnata, Vereia pinnata]
Goethe-Pflanze {f}
donkey ears {pl} [treated as sg.] [Kalanchoe pinnata, syn.: Bryophyllum calycinum, Cotyledon pinnata, Vereia pinnata]
Schwiegermutterpflanze {f}
hare's-ears / hare's ears [genus Bupleurum]
Hasenohren {pl}
donkey's breakfast [sl.]
Strohsack {m}
donkey's years [coll.] [idiom]eine Ewigkeit {f}
for donkey's years {adv} [coll.] [idiom]seit einer Ewigkeit
for donkey's years {adv} [coll.] [idiom]ewig und drei Tage [ugs.] [Redewendung]
donkey's ear abalone [Haliotis asinina]
Eselsohr {n} [Meeresschneckenart] [auch: Eselsohr-Abalone]
hamster's earsHamsterohren {pl}
ass's ears
Eselsohren {pl}
to strain one's ears
die Ohren spitzen [ugs.] [angestrengt lauschen]
to box sb.'s earsjdn. ohrfeigen
to wiggle one's earsmit den Ohren wackeln
to clean one's ears
sichDat. die Ohren reinigen
to cover one's earssichDat. die Ohren zuhalten
to cock one's ears
die Ohren aufstellen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Lampwick also makes a cameo in "House of Mouse", as well as in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" where he appears on a poster advertising for "exploding cigars" in Toontown, with his donkey ears from the original film.
  • Russia submitted a request for compensation for the monument's removal, but was dismissed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkēvičs who made a reference to Vladimir Putin's 2004 response to Latvia's wish to recover its former territory Abrene by saying that Russia "will get a dead donkey ears, not a compensation".
  • It can also be slowed down or completely stopped by reduced misbehavior or by escaping the island before the transformation completes as revealed by the fact that Pinocchio decides not to drink beer or smoke any longer (he assumed both were causing him to hallucinate after seeing Lampwick grow his donkey ears and tail), and is able to escape from the island with only a pair of donkey ears and tail and does not transform any further for the rest of the film.
  • asinarius", referring to the markings above the eyes that look similar to donkey ears.
  • It was discovered that the fresco of Biagio de Cesena as Minos with donkey ears was being bitten in the genitalia by a coiled snake.

  • An engraving featured in an early 1900s textbook depicts a child sitting on a wooden donkey in an "eighteenth-century" classroom, wearing a dunce cap with donkey ears.
  • The film tells the story of Edmond, an unhappy office worker who discovers his true nature after his coworkers play a prank that involves forcing him to wear donkey ears.
  • , although the tale of King Marc'h is often close to that of King Midas with his donkey ears, the analogy stops there since the equine ears of Marc'h are probably a mark of the legitimacy of his sovereignty.
  • Erwyd le Fol had been a professional juggler and entertainer for 15 years and, as part of his costume, was given a special hat with donkey ears.
  • The day after the game he saw a picture of himself on the back page of the "Daily Mirror" with donkey ears.

  • With his tail coiled around him and two donkey ears (symbol of stupidity), Minos judges the damned as they are brought down to hell (see "Inferno", Second Circle).
  • With the help of the figs he could retaliate: the first variety of figs caused the growth of huge donkey ears and a long nose; by eating the second variety of figs, it went back to normal.
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