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dwindling salesnachlassende Umsätze {pl}
dwindling {adj}aussterbend
dwindling {adj}versiegend
dwindlingSchwund {m}
dwindling {adj} {pres-p}schwindend
dwindling profits {pl}abnehmender Gewinn {m}
dwindling attentionsinkende Aufmerksamkeit {f}
dwindling percentageschwindender Anteil {m}
dwindling acceptancenachlassende Akzeptanz {f}
dwindling resourcesschwindende Ressourcen {pl}
dwindling populationsinkende Bevölkerungs­zahl {f}
dwindling depositsschwindende Bodenschätze {pl}
dwindling reservesschwindende Reserven {pl}
dwindling marketschwindender Markt {m}
dwindling interestschwindendes Interesse {n}
dwindling forests
schrumpfende Wälder {pl}
dwindling villageaussterbendes Dorf {n}
dwindling resourcesabnehmende Ressourcen {pl}
dwindling spiralAbwärtsspirale {f} [fig.]
dwindling effortsabnehmende Anstrengungen {pl}
dwindling populationschrumpfende Bevölkerung {f}
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  • With the death of Richard Dipple in 1991, and increasing mainstream competition, GMP experienced financial problems, leading to the Gay Men's Press imprint being transferred in 2000 to Millivres Prowler, who closed the list in 2006 because of dwindling sales, caused in part by a lack of exposure in the big chain bookstores.
  • This was partly due to the 75th anniversary of Ford do Brasil and partly because the dwindling sales figures on Ford's end prompted the American carmaker to seek independence from Volkswagen, to regain total control over all operations and to apply the lean production methods that had improved competitiveness in their home market.
  • Following a five-year hiatus, they released "Angles" (2011) to a generally positive reception, and "Comedown Machine" (2013) to lukewarm critical reception, both with dwindling sales.
  • Several manufacturers have introduced a crossover SUV to replace mini MPVs in Europe due to dwindling sales, the examples are the Citroën C3 Aircross which replaced the Citroën C3 Picasso and Opel Crossland X replacing the Opel Meriva.
  • The "legacy" large-sized Nash and Hudson models were suffering from dwindling sales in a marketplace where consumers were only offered large-sized sedans and small economy cars.

  • As a result of dwindling sales as a result of the slowdown in industrial activity in Europe in the preceding two years, in June 2015 OM Group agreed to be privatized by Apollo Global Management who made an offer of around $1.03 billion in cash.
  • Although "Mondo Bizarro" was considered to be a "comeback" for the Ramones—following both lineup and label changes, and the dwindling sales of their previous albums from the mid-to-late 1980s (up to and including "Brain Drain", which was originally meant to be the band's "comeback")—the album peaked at number 190 on the "Billboard" 200 chart, the lowest chart position in their career.
  • The brand struggled in the late 2000s to keep going financially with dwindling sales (through its Tidy record label) and poor attendance figures to events.
  • The company was sold to Xerox in 1969, but dwindling sales due to the oil crisis of 1973–74 caused Xerox to close the division in 1975 at a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • The last Imperial model was assembled in June 1975, the discontinuation due to dwindling sales.

  • From the late 1930s, Denise Wren began to design textiles to compensate for dwindling sales of pottery at Oxshott.
  • The Benetton Group was controversial for their ads, which often went against social norms of the time. However, since 2000 it has seen dwindling sales.
  • In 2006, after dwindling sales and heavy financial losses, Smart GmbH was liquidated and its operations were absorbed by DaimlerChrysler directly.
  • was faced with dwindling sales of their flagship Mobil Directo series due to competition from a wide variety of Federal Electric (known as Federal Signal) models that saturated the market.
  • By the mid-1990s, MacWrite was no longer a serious contender in the word processing market, development ended around 1995, and it was completely discontinued in 1998 due to dwindling sales.

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