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dwindling supportnachlassende Unterstützung {f}
dwindling {adj} {pres-p}schwindend
dwindling {adj}aussterbend
dwindlingSchwund {m}
dwindling {adj}versiegend
dwindling salesnachlassende Umsätze {pl}
dwindling attentionsinkende Aufmerksamkeit {f}
dwindling spiralAbwärtsspirale {f} [fig.]
dwindling effortsabnehmende Anstrengungen {pl}
dwindling profits {pl}abnehmender Gewinn {m}
dwindling productionabnehmende Produktion {f}
dwindling populationschrumpfende Bevölkerung {f}
dwindling resourcesabnehmende Ressourcen {pl}
dwindling interestschwindendes Interesse {n}
dwindling reservesschwindende Reserven {pl}
dwindling depositsschwindende Bodenschätze {pl}
dwindling acceptancenachlassende Akzeptanz {f}
dwindling villageaussterbendes Dorf {n}
dwindling forests
schrumpfende Wälder {pl}
dwindling resourcesschwindende Ressourcen {pl}
dwindling percentageschwindender Anteil {m}
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  • Funding decreased due to its dwindling support and the ethos of the paper changing to a trade union organ.
  • Poor performances saw Perth miss out on qualification for the finals for the first time since 1998. Dwindling support from chairman Nick Tana, as he looked to sell his 75% stake in the club, seemed to underpin a general decline in club fortunes.
  • With dwindling support and increasingly-effective Indian security troops eliminating anti-state combatants, Sikh militancy effectively ended by the early 1990s.
  • A strong national anti-Republican wave, based partially on dwindling support for the post-invasion Iraqi occupation, combined with a desire to restore Democrats to a Congressional oversight role of the George W.
  • However, with dwindling support and resources, the experiment proved to be a financial disaster and Perth Kangaroos IFC soon folded.

  • On January 30, after a week of intense political pressure and dwindling support, Silver submitted his resignation as Speaker, effective February 2, while retaining his seat as a member of the Assembly and vowing to fight the charges against him.
  • Spiraling costs, a recession in North America following the oil crisis, and dwindling support and interest led to the series being canceled and the last scheduled race of the 1974 season not being run.
  • As a result of dwindling support, in 1984, Chapin Hall Center for Children decided to close its residential care program.
  • Finding that the Trotskyist movement had dwindling support, and increasingly disillusioned by revolutionary politics following his experiences in Spain, Krehm moved to Mexico, arriving with only $270 in his pocket, in the hopes of working as a foreign correspondent.
  • The campaign was played out amid growing unrest from the dwindling support.

  • Facing dwindling support for the major parties in the 1970s, the LDP often nominated only two candidates, the JSP just one candidate in Kyoto 1st district.
  • With dwindling support from traditional Labour voters, and a population weary of war-time measures, Fraser's popularity declined.
  • In 2016 the group of editors and journalists that formed the core of the judging panel reluctantly decided to discontinue the awards program citing gradually dwindling support from ever-busier media representatives.
  • Between the poor sales and the dwindling support for the Super NES, the game did not receive a European release.
  • Chesterfield led Barry to promotion in 2008, with the hope that a winning run of form in the second tier would see the club's dwindling support return.

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