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NOUN   a dynamic analysis | dynamic analyses
dynamic analysisdynamische Analyse {f}
receiver-operating characteristic / characteristics curve analysis <ROC curve analysis>
ROC-Kurvenanalyse {f} [z. B. Medizinstatistik]
X-ray fluorescence analysis <XRF analysis>
Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse {f} <RFA>
dynamic {adj}tatkräftig
dynamic {adj}rasant [ugs.] [schwungvoll]
dynamicDynamik {f}
dynamic array
dynamisches Array {n}
dynamic pumpTurbopumpe {f}
dynamic pumpStrömungs­pumpe {f}
dynamic rangeLautstärkeumfang {m}
dynamic range
Dynamikumfang {m}
dynamic hublebendiger Treffpunkt {m}
dynamic nephroscintigraphy
dynamische Nephroszintigrafie {f}
dynamic pressure
dynamischer Druck {m}
dynamic psychiatry
dynamische Psychiatrie {f}
dynamic scan
dynamischer Scan {m}
dynamic viscosity
dynamische Viskosität {f}
dynamic loading
schwellende Belastung {f} [schwingende Last / Belastung]
dynamic hubdynamischer Mittelpunkt {m}
dynamic pressureStaudruck {m} [Flugmechanik]
dynamic workdynamische Arbeit {f}
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  • Substantially, when a malware sample arrives in the hands of an antivirus firm, it is analysed by malware researchers or by dynamic analysis systems.
  • Dynamic analysis can use runtime knowledge of the program to increase the precision of the analysis, while also providing runtime protection, but it can only analyze a single execution of the problem and might degrade the program’s performance due to the runtime checks.
  • The outcome of the dynamic analysis is therefore heavily dependent on assumptions about future behaviors and rates of change.
  • The dynamic analysis of the bridge under turbulent cyclonic winds, as well as the revision of the structural project, and the geometry plus stress control of the bridge during erection, were achieved by Alain Chauvin from Sogelerg, using the French "Scanner" computer program.
  • Both static and dynamic analysis for current programming languages have been developed.

  • They are also central to dynamic analysis.
  • Dynamic analysis has started with a new definition of gross domestic product (GDP), as a difference between aggregate revenues of sectors and investment (a modification of the value added definition of the GDP).
  • The dynamic analysis of machines begins with a rigid-body model to determine reactions at the bearings, at which point the elasticity effects are included.
  • Wind tunnel tests provide the necessary design pressure measurements in use of the dynamic analysis and control of tall buildings.
  • This information is necessary for subsequent dynamic analysis along with control paths.

  • Many software tools exist to help detect race conditions in software. They can be largely categorized into two groups: static analysis tools and dynamic analysis tools.
  • Antivirus software typically uses two techniques to detect malware: (i) static analysis and (ii) dynamic analysis.
  • Since 2006, researchers have applied RCU and similar techniques to a number of problems, including management of metadata used in dynamic analysis, managing the lifetime of clustered objects, managing object lifetime in the K42 research operating system, and optimizing software transactional memory implementations.
  • By measuring the length of such marks and using dynamic analysis [...] of the car and road conditions at the time of the accident, it may be found that a driver underestimated his or her speed.
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