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SYNO dysthymia | dysthymic depression
Dysthymie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'dysthymia' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Dysthymie {f}psych.
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  • Citalopram may be used off-label to treat anxiety, and dysthymia, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, and obsessive–compulsive disorder.
  • Together Kahlbaum and Hecker were the first to describe and name such syndromes as dysthymia, cyclothymia, paranoia, catatonia, and hebephrenia.
  • DD-NOS is diagnosed if a patients symptoms fail to meet the criteria more common depressive disorders such as major depressive disorder or dysthymia.
  • This results in a facilitation of dopamine activity, and for this reason, low-dose amisulpride has also been used to treat dysthymia.
  • While viloxazine may have been effective in clinical depression, it did relatively poorly in a double-blind randomized controlled trial versus amisulpride in the treatment of dysthymia.

  • Mild degrees of dysthymia may result in people withdrawing from stress and avoiding opportunities for failure.
  • "Neocompsa dysthymia" is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Martins in 1970.
  • During 1993–2001, Licinio was a temporary advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO), co-chairing ten WHO scientific meetings in seven countries, and co-edited the resulting ten books containing the proceedings of those meetings, mostly focused on the role of dysthymia in neurological disorders.
  • However, the only known study to have covered dysthymia in the US specifically found it to be more common in African and Mexican Americans than in European Americans.
  • In 1844 he introduced the term "dysthymia mutabilis" to describe a disorder that is an alternation of "dysthymia atra" (black depression) and "dysthymia candida" (low-level mania).

  • Asociality can be observed in individuals with major depressive disorder or dysthymia, as individuals lose interest in everyday activities and hobbies they used to enjoy, this may include social activities, resulting in social withdrawal and withdrawal tendencies.
  • Hardy has suffered from dysthymia, and spent much time in his youth drinking alcohol and using crack cocaine to cope with it; he has said that he was going "out of control" with his drink and drug use before deciding to seek psychological help when he was 20 years old.
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