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VERB   to e-mail | e-mailed | e-mailed
e-mailing | e-mails
e-mailed {adj} {past-p}
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Übersetzung für 'e mailed' von Englisch nach Deutsch

e-mailed {adj} {past-p}
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  • From February 2006 to June 2007, Peikoff posted an online Q and A of questions relating that had been e-mailed to him.
  • They are charging the full price for each link e-mailed.
  • She put out a single called "Consumerism" that she had finished, via verbal and e-mailed instructions, while incarcerated.
  • Gruber admitted under oath that he created pornographic materials on a college computer and e-mailed the images.
  • During a visit to New York in October 2010 he made the decision and e-mailed the band.
  • The site was originally created as a celebration of JEO's work in "Disc" and "Record Mirror" but later JEO contributed new material, as well as obscure historical stuff and a new, e-mailed (and free) weekly strip involving Fresco-Le-Raye, which eventually had hundreds of subscribers and ran for several hundred episodes.
  • Controversy arose when Peachey e-mailed Selwyn College co-principal Carol White declining an invitation to the school's prizegiving stating at the bottom: "Yes, I do have a knife in your back, so be careful."
  • In 1995, Breitbart saw "The Drudge Report" and was so impressed that he e-mailed Matt Drudge.
  • Many of these are now Web-based with requests for parts being e-mailed instantly.
  • Audiences are encouraged to take an active part in direct questions in the studio, and others pose their queries via direct links or internet and phone or in video-taped and e-mailed questions.
  • The name "Pigasus" was chosen by Randi from suggestions e-mailed to him.
  • Zadornov ran an internet site and quoted stories and jokes found on the Internet or e-mailed to him by fans.
  • MTS said in an e-mailed statement that the actions of the Uzbek authorities may be interpreted as “baseless attacks on the business of the Russian investor.” However, In 2019 US Department of justice charged the firm for bribery to secure contracts in Uzbekistan.
  • In October, Armstrong also left Florida and returned to Oregon, where she e-mailed a local newspaper her reversion to Christianity and renunciation of Islam, and regretfully retracted her conversion to the latter.
  • In response, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) wrote to President Compaoré to request his government investigate the sending of e-mailed death threats to journalists and radio commentators in Burkina Faso who were critical of the government.
  • Users with a MyNCBI account can save queries indefinitely and also choose to have updates with new search results e-mailed for saved queries of most databases.
  • The worm appeared to be a poorly sent e-mail, and most people who originally were e-mailed the worm ignored it, thinking it was spam.
  • Robertson e-mailed the then-owner of MP3.com, Martin Paul, to purchase the URL.
  • A group calling itself "Revolutionary Cells of the Animal Liberation Brigade" e-mailed a statement to reporters taking credit for the bombing which was also sent to the "Bite Back" website.
  • The group e-mailed a letter to fellow Catholics explaining reasons for supporting Amendment 2.
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