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easily understood {adj}leicht verständlich
easily understood {adj}leicht durchschaubar [verständlich]
understood {adj} {past-p}verstanden
understood {adj}abgemacht
understood {past-p} {adj}nachvollzogen
understood {adj} {past-p}begriffen
understood {past-p}kapiert [ugs.]
sb. understoodjd. begriff
to be understood
ausgelassen werden [Gram.]
readily understood {adj}leicht verständlich
understood {adj} {past-p} [agreed]vereinbart
to be understoodverstanden werden
popularly understood {adj}allgemein verstanden
sb. understoodjd. verstand
sb. understoodjd. vollzog nach
to feel understoodsich verstanden fühlen
not understood {adj}unverstanden
well understood {adj}wohlverstanden
to make oneself understoodsich verständlich machen
to be understood (as)aufzufassen
Is that understood?Haben Sie das verstanden? [formelle Anrede]
understood {adj} [agreed upon]einvernehmlich
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • An important class of varieties, not easily understood directly from their defining equations, are the abelian varieties, which are the projective varieties whose points form an abelian group.
  • Today known as "Weyl's law", it is perhaps most easily understood as an answer to the question of whether it is possible to hear the shape of a drum.
  • Its physics is most easily understood by considering the radiation in a cavity with rigid opaque walls.
  • His sentences are short and easily understood so as to be largely accessible.
  • The work of such writers as Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, who attempted to reconcile Jewish kabbalah and Christian mysticism, brought Hermeticism into a context more easily understood by Europeans during the time of the Renaissance.

  • Although filters are easily understood and calculated, the practical challenges of their design and implementation are significant and are the subject of advanced research.
  • However, about persons in relation to oneself, 的 is often dropped when the context allows for it to be easily understood.
  • Similarly in Germany Eugen Gomringer published his manifesto "vom vers zur konstellation" (from line to constellation), in which he declared that a poem should be "a reality in itself" rather than a statement about reality, and "as easily understood as signs in airports and traffic signs".
  • Some travelling Québécois choose to register or modify their accent to be more easily understood, but most are able to communicate readily with European francophones.
  • One theory for how the term came to refer to encoding is that the concept of zero was confusing to Europeans, and so the term came to refer to a message or communication that was not easily understood.

  • Although filters are easily understood and calculated, the practical challenges of their design and implementation are significant and are the subject of much advanced research.
  • Brahman is, in western contexts, easily understood as Brahmana or Brahmin, which means "priest".
  •  Although the book was meant for people with a background in biology, it was easily understood.
  • The people of Graz, the capital of Styria, speak yet another dialect which is not very Styrian and more easily understood by people from other parts of Austria than other Styrian dialects, for example from western Styria.
  • Nevertheless, the "twin paradox" is not a true paradox because it is easily understood within the context of special relativity.

  • As many legal documents are still written in Classical Chinese, which is not easily understood by the general public, a group of Taiwanese had launched the "Legal Vernacular Movement" hoping to bring more Vernacular Chinese into the legal writings of the Republic of China.
  • The generated sequences can perhaps be more easily understood by considering the corresponding Dirichlet series: each repeated application of the transform corresponds to multiplication by the Riemann zeta function.
  • Moreover, people in Midi-Pyrénées use some words and expressions of Occitan origin which differ from those of standard French; these may not be easily understood outside southwest France.
  • Some basic aims of the Internet Standards Process are; ensure technical excellence; earlier implementation and testing; perfect, succinct as well as easily understood records.
  • The qualitative behavior is easily understood in terms of the phase line: the derivative is 0 when the function is 1; and the derivative is positive for [...] between 0 and 1, and negative for [...] above 1 or less than 0 (though negative populations do not generally accord with a physical model).

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