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eight times as much {adv}achtmal so viel
three times as muchdas Dreifache {n}
nine times as much {adv}neunmal so viel
seven times as much {adv}siebenmal so viel
six times as much {adv}sechsmal so viel
five times as much {adv}fünfmal so viel
ten times as much {adv}zehnmal so viel
three times as much {adv}dreimal so viel
four times as much {adv}viermal so viel
to earn ten times as muchdas Zehnfache verdienen
Does he really earn more? -- Yes, several times as much. Verdient er wirklich mehr? -- Ja, das Mehrfache. / Ja, ein Mehrfaches.
eight times {adv}achtmal
eight times table
Achterreihe {f}
as muchsoviel [alt]
ungeprüft much as {conj}wiewohl [geh.]
as muchso viel
as muchso sehr
as much againnochmal so viel
as much ... asebenso sehr ... wie auch
as much as {adv}ebenso viel wie
pretty much asgenau so wie
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "The sensor is to have eight times as much computing power as the previous image processor."
  • These ovotestes in nonpregnant female moles secrete eight times as much testosterone as the ovotestes of pregnant moles.
  • This modification makes the PICkit 2 support eight times as much memory as the PICkit 3.
  • ... no water heating or central heating) consumes thirty-eight times as much as a standard gas oven and hob, almost as much gas in a week as a standard gas oven and hob in nine months.
  • Koenig later commented that he was paid eight times as much for this and the residual payment as he had been for the original episode.

  • By 1975, the USSR used eight times as much water as they had in 1913, mostly for irrigation.
  • His annual salary was $4,000, which was twice as much as the State Elder earned and more than eight times as much as Päts earned as a member of parliament.
  • James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny, which could produce eight times as much thread as a single spinning wheel, and Richard Arkwright made it driven by water.
  • This was six times as much as that of the "frilingi" and eight times as much as the "lazzi".
  • For the USSR in 1989 (shortly before the collapse), the railroads hauled nearly eight times as much ton-km of freight by rail as they did by highway truck.

  • Huna was wealthy. He never walked more than four cubits bareheaded. He ate very slowly, so that Rav Papa consumed in the same time four times as much and Rabina eight times as much.
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