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SYNO as a group | en bloc | en masse
en bloc {adv}en bloc
en bloc {adv}im Ganzen
en bloc {adv}als Ganzes
en bloc {adj} {adv}geschlossen [en bloc]
3 Wörter
to resign en blocgeschlossen zurücktreten
en bloc esophagectomy [also: en-bloc esophagectomy] [Am.]
En-bloc-Ösophagektomie {f}
two-dimensional en-face / en face images
zweidimensionale En-face-Aufnahmen {pl}
EN standard <EN>
Europäische Norm {f} <EN>
Block {m} [Staatenblock]
bloc party
Blockpartei {f}
evangelical bloc
religiöse Rechte {f}
power bloc
Machtblock {m}
Eastern bloc
Ostblock {m}
trading blocHandelsblock {m}
black bloc
Schwarzer Block {m}
ruling bloc
herrschender Block {m}
monetary blocWährungs­block {m}
trade blocBlockländer {pl}
voting bloc
Wählergruppe {f}
communist bloc
kommunistischer Block {m}
Soviet bloc countries
Ostblockländer {pl}
Eastern-bloc countryOstblockland {n}
Eastern bloc countries
Ostblockländer {pl}
Eastern bloc countries
Ostblockstaaten {pl}
bloc of countriesZusammenschluss {m} von Ländern
bloc of partiesZusammenschluss {m} von Parteien
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  • en bloc = en bloc
  • En-bloc-Ösophagektomie {f} = en bloc esophagectomy [also: en-bloc esophagectomy] [Am.]
  • en profil = in profile
  • en passant = en passant
  • en garde = en garde
  • en papillote = en papillote
  • en masse = en masse
  • Exanewton {n} <EN> = exanewton <EN>
  • En-Reaktion {f} = ene reaction
  • en route = en route
  • en face = en face
  • en gros = wholesale
  • Europanorm {f} <EN> = European Standard
  • en gros = in bulk
  • En-face- = full face
  • en gros = in great quantities
  • en miniature = in miniature
  • en vogue = in vogue
  • en face = full face
  • en face = in full face
  • Alder-En-Reaktion {f} = Alder-ene reaction
  • En-face-Analyse {f} = en face analysis
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In people with urachal adenocarcinoma of the bladder, a partial cystectomy with "en-bloc" resection of urachal ligament and umbilicus can be considered.
  • This was planned to be one of the first en-bloc transfers of miners from an exhausted colliery to the new Selby Coalfield, but only around half of the workforce (excluding those that chose redundancy) moved to the Selby Coalfield.
  • Most officers are approved "en bloc" by voice vote, but flag officers are usually required to appear before the Armed Services Committee and answer questions to the satisfaction of its members, prior to a vote on their commission.
  • Semi-automatic rifles can be efficiently fed by an en-bloc clip, external magazine, or stripper clip.
  • Additionally, to ensure that each state would be on an equal footing with the others, voting on ordinances was done "en bloc", with each state having a single vote.

  • Surgical management options include the Sistrunk procedure, en bloc central neck dissection, suture-guided transhyoid pharyngotomy, and Koempel's supra-hyoid technique.
  • The Free State constitution provided that the President of the Executive Council would be appointed by the King "on the nomination of" the Dáil and that the Executive Council as a whole had to resign "en bloc" if it lost the confidence of the lower house.
  • They voted en bloc against the whole package of reorganisation of policy bureaus, of which the transfer of the Legal Aid Department was part.
  • The magazine system uses en bloc charger clips which were originally developed and patented by Ferdinand Mannlicher, but the actual shape and design of the Carcano clip is derived from the German Model 1888 Commission Rifle.
  • The FBP also voted en bloc with the Free List (FL) party on 6 May 2022 to narrowly defeat a proposed legislation (i.e., "Amendment to the Article 25 of the Partnership Act") that would have limited adoption and reproductive rights of same-sex couples.

  • By voting "en bloc" the francophones of Canada East guaranteed a strong, unified presence in the Legislative Assembly since the anglophones of Canada West were highly factionalized.
  • 3 points, the lowest average since his rookie year: after being a First-Teamer for six times en bloc, he only made the All-NBA Second Team.
  • Both firearms were a success, but decision-makers were not convinced that the stripper feed was superior to the en-bloc system employed by Mannlicher.
  • Despite the Imperial Army's numerical superiority, the Alans withdrew after the first charge, whereupon the Turcopoles deserted "en bloc" to the Catalans.
  • Prevention of recurrence does not require "en bloc" resection of surrounding tissues.

  • The Garand's "en bloc" clip system proved particularly cumbersome when using the rifle to launch grenades, [...] requiring removal of an often partially loaded clip of ball ammunition and replacement with a full clip of blank cartridges.
  • In 1890 the French adopted the 8mm Lebel Berthier rifles with 3-round internal magazines, fed from "en bloc" clips; the empty clips were pushed from the bottom of the action by the insertion of a loaded clip from the top.
  • In response, Todd's ministers resigned en bloc, and following the appointment of a new cabinet, his party forced him out of power; three months later he was replaced as party leader and Prime Minister by Edgar Whitehead.
  • "The Daily Telegraph" in 2009 exposed Hogg for claiming upwards of £2,000 of taxpayers' money for the purposes of "cleaning the moat" of his country estate, Kettlethorpe Hall; thus he became one of the most prominent illustrations used by the media to portray the extent of the parliamentary expenses scandal, although it later emerged that Hogg had been encouraged by the House of Commons Fees Office (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority's precursor) to submit equivalent "en bloc" expenses "so as to reduce admin".
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