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enantiomorphic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'enantiomorphic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

enantiomorphic {adj}
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  • Note that there are two mirror image (enantiomorphic or chiral) forms of 34.6 (snub hexagonal) tiling, only one of which is shown in the following table.
  • In four dimensions, there are 64 Bravais lattices. Of these, 23 are primitive and 41 are centered. Ten Bravais lattices split into enantiomorphic pairs.
  • mienisi" is a chirally enantiomorphic species. This means that some specimens have sinistral (left-coiled), others dextral (right-coiled) shells.
  • The regular compound of five tetrahedra comes in two enantiomorphic versions, which together make up the regular compound of ten tetrahedra.
  • The names here are given according to Whittaker. Enantiomorphic systems are marked with an asterisk.
  • Among these groups, there are 8 enantiomorphic pairs.
  • Karlite is also enantiomorphic and dihedral. It is a member of the P212121 space group.
  • Asymmetric ester hydrolysis involves the selective reaction of one of a pair of either enantiotopic (within the same molecule and related by a symmetry plane of the molecule) or enantiomorphic (in enantiomeric molecules and related as mirror images) ester groups.
  • These are accompanied by six enantiomorphic forms, which maximizes the total count to twenty-nine crystal families.
  • One is that it is a polytope that is chiral (or "enantiomorphic"), meaning that it does not have mirror symmetry.
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