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VERB   to encapsulate | encapsulated | encapsulated
encapsulating | encapsulates
SYNO to capsule | to capsulise | to capsulize | ...
to encapsulate sth. [summarize, condense]etw.Akk. zusammenfassen
to encapsulateverkapseln
to encapsulateeinkapseln
to encapsulateabkapseln
to encapsulate
to encapsulatekapseln
to encapsulateverbergen
to encapsulatekurz beschreiben
to encapsulate sth.alles Wesentliche über etw. enthalten
to encapsulate sth.
etw.Akk. in Kapseln füllen
to encapsulate sth.
etw.Akk. in Kapseln einfüllen
to encapsulate sth. [express the essential features of sth. succinctly]etw.Akk. auf den Punkt bringen [Redewendung]
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  • A "WMV file" uses the Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format to encapsulate the encoded multimedia content.
  • For the process to encapsulate, a method called spray drying was selected.
  • SMPTE 302M-2007 defines how to encapsulate an AES3 data stream in an MPEG transport stream for television applications.
  • Sports bras can either encapsulate or compress breasts.
  • Factory methods encapsulate the creation of objects.

  • User-defined functions are subroutines made of one or more Transact-SQL statements that can be used to encapsulate code for reuse.
  • A means to encapsulate IPsec messages for NAT traversal has been defined by RFC documents describing the NAT-T mechanism.
  • Kita makes a few key arguments which will be summarised below to encapsulate his main thesis, criticisms and plan for the reorganisation of Japan.
  • LUR can be expanded to encapsulate less studied areas with similar characteristics.
  • Adsorbent materials adhere to and encapsulate contaminants on various surfaces. Adsorbent materials do not increase in volume when a contaminant is absorbed.

  • People are always on the lookout for general rules that encapsulate their observations.
  • Fullerenes in a variety of sizes have been found to encapsulate metal atoms in this way.
  • The cyclodextrin nanoparticles are also being used to encapsulate siRNA.
  • Liposome formulations encapsulate anti-cancer drugs for selective uptake to tumors via the EPR effect.
  • "Resources" encapsulate processes and the variables they share, and can be separately compiled. "Operations" provide the primary mechanism for process interaction.

  • Nee Cheong's works encapsulate the influences of culture and traditions around Asia by using symbols of Balinese mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
  • Zetex material can encapsulate gas tanks or exhaust pipes, protecting from fire caused by gas leaks.
  • In addition to drug delivery applications, nanogels have been utilized as a type of imaging modality as they can encapsulate small dyes and other reporter molecules.
  • In 1996, the Club became the Glasgow University Sports Association, a name intended to encapsulate better the work done by the organisation.
  • The [...] and [...] classes implement the [...] interface, that is, implement (encapsulate) an algorithm.

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