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VERB   to entwine | entwined | entwined
entwining | entwines
SYNO to enlace | to entwine | to interlace | ...
to entwineumschlingen
to entwineverflechten
to entwineumranken
to entwineumwinden
to entwine sth. [twist together]etw.Akk. verschlingen [ineinanderschlingen]
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  • Of course the two strands are going to entwine together, and Mike Hammer finds himself involved with a very nasty underground network conspiring to destroy the USA.
  • The genus name is from Ancient Greek πλοκευς "plokeus" meaning "weaver", and is derived from the Greek word πλεκω "plekō" "to entwine".
  • The grass roots entwine with the fibers and grow deeper and wider.
  • Tendrils capable of wrapping around things will entwine the branches of neighbouring plants or anything else they can use for support.
  • The two snakes entwine to decorate a bust of Christ.

  • When breeding, two individuals entwine in such a way as to bring the right sides of their heads together, and sperm is passed between the pair.
  • It has hanging shoots and very small, thick and fleshy, succulent, button-like leaves that may entwine and weave in and out of each other.
  • What happens when the lives of these three men entwine with each other forms the crux of the series.
  • The fountain has a base of four dolphins that entwine the papal tiara with crossed keys and the heraldic Barberini bees in their scaly tails.
  • He begins to recall his torturous school days, and these memories entwine with the present.

  • As in Updike's 1968 "Couples", two married households—in this case, the Conants and the Mathiases—meet and entwine.
  • Kafur taught Tawaddud Gomelez how to entwine with jinni, during the period when Tawaddud ran away from her family.
  • Would entwine itself verdantly still!
  • In the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, cyclists used the facility approximately 11,800 times to document their training times or entwine permit.
  • Their destinies will inseparably entwine in the coming years.

  • George Howell, an amateur Victorian artist, used his letters to his brother as a space to entwine his words and his artistic works.
  • It is most notable for its appearance on the Dacre family heraldic badge, where its two lower dexter loops entwine a scallop, and its two lower sinister loops entwine a log.
  • Foul is a nautical term meaning to entangle or entwine, and more generally that something is wrong or difficult. The term dates back to usage with wind-driven sailing ships.
  • These sofas have sea nymphs, mermen and mermaids whose tails entwine as their armrests.
  • Ideally, the lockstitch is formed in the centre of the thickness of the material — that is, ideally the upper thread entwines the lower thread in the middle of the material.

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