Übersetzung für 'entwining' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to entwine | entwined | entwined
entwining | entwines
entwining {adj} {pres-p}umschlingend
entwining {adj} {pres-p}umrankend
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Übersetzung für 'entwining' von Englisch nach Deutsch

entwining {adj} {pres-p}

Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Above the inscription was a carved lifebuoy and rope entwining his initials and, above that, an oval bronze plaque inscribed with the portrait head of Addy.
  • The iconography of the dragon appears to grow out of the serpent entwining the "tree of life" on one hand, and with the "draco" standard used by late Roman cavalry on the other.
  • Further, a cobra can be found entwining itself round the neck of the Hindu god Shiva as the serpent-king Vasuki.
  • In early Midrashic literature, the Hebrew word "vayilafeth" in Ruth 3:8 is explained as referring to Ruth entwining herself around Boaz like lichen.
  • Through their various poses, Bass plays with the illusion that all the entwining female figures are physically different.

  • Elephants use some vocalisations that are beyond the hearing range of humans, to communicate across large distances. Elephant mating rituals include the gentle entwining of trunks.
  • ... the metal has a dual function, acting as a template for entwining the precursors and catalyzing covalent bond formation between the reactants).
  • This book shows how Leibler rose to a position of immense influence in Australian public life by skilfully entwining his roles as a Zionist leader and a tax lawyer to some of the country’s richest people.
  • Archaeologists discovered a stone dharani pillar decorated with three entwining dragons and engraved with the text of the Uṣṇīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī Sūtra in Kyoto's Temple in 1953.
  • Created his own artistic style, entwining thick hatches with clusters of dots.

  • This departure in approach to student accommodation is clearly demonstrated in the design of the Hall of Residence at Kelvin Grove through the scale and informal clustering of buildings and entwining paths which, on the steep topography, provide a measure of privacy without fully divorcing the activities in the dwellings from passing pedestrians, thus maintaining a sense of community.
  • The fifth stanza is a salutations to Lord Kala Bhairava who is the supreme lord of Kasi, who guards the established institution of the eternal dharma by leading the devotees towards the same, who is the lord that frees us from the fetters of Karma (the results of sins committed by us in our previous births), thereby giving us (great joy of possessing a sinless, free soul), who is embellished with golden coloured serpents entwining his body.
  • In the species Japanese striped snake ("Elaphe quadrivirgata"), competition involves males maintaining body contact with their opponent and exerting pressure by pushing, topping, or entwining in order to subdue him.
  • have the three entwining tusks of elephants as its trademark and is considered to be high noon of Solanki style of architect.
  • That for the regiments and separate battalions of the New Hampshire Army National Guard: On a wreath of the colors Argent and Azure two pine branches saltirewise Proper crossed behind a bundle of five arrows palewise Argent bound together by a ribbon Gules the ends entwining the branches.

  • The temple is built in the Solanki style of architecture with entwining tusk of three elephants as a trade mark of temple.
  • Above the shield was a mural crown, representing municipal government. On either side was an heraldic dolphin entwining a trident.
  • The pair grew to be very large, eventually entwining.
  • The family name "Comper" is a French surname possibly from Brittany; the Comper forebears being probably sixteenth century Huguenot refugees though this is disputed by Anthony Symondson tells that thereafter his eldest son, Ninian Comper, signed all his painted glass windows with a wild strawberry, the leaves and stems entwining the date of execution.
  • and can be used as whips, capable of rending steel or lesser metals; or as bonds, capable of entwining an object or human being and constricting.

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