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NOUN   enum | enums
enumeration <enum>Aufzählung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'enum' von Englisch nach Deutsch

enumeration <enum>
Aufzählung {f}
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  • Enum type variables are integer values. Addition and subtraction between variables of the same type is allowed without any specific cast but multiplication and division is somewhat more risky and requires an explicit cast.
  • Fields can be of type integer, real, enum, string and even complex objects.
  • Attributes may be of primitive type (numeric, string, boolean), enum type or node type.
  • 0: C++ style comments (//), flexible array members, trailing comma allowed in enum declaration.
  • It is a global range delegated by the ITU and comprises 10 billion enum-enabled numbers with the prefix 87810 followed by a 10 digit subscriber number.

  • ] enum.
  • Technically enumerations are a kind of class containing enum constants in its body.
  • A developer could add values to an enum, but if that did not change the build output, then subsequent dependencies on that output would not have to be relinked or libraries built, etc.
  • The NRENum.net service is an end-user ENUM service run by TERENA and the participating national research and education networking organisations (NRENs), primarily for academia.
  • The enum types in the Rust, Haxe and Swift languages also work as tagged unions.

  • If the constructors have no parameters then the set of constructors acts like an "enum"; a type with a fixed number of values.
  • Rust recommends [...] for type aliases and struct, trait, enum, and enum variant names, [...] for constants or statics and [...] for variable, function and struct member names.
  • The use of the comma token as an [...] is distinct from its use in function calls and definitions, variable declarations, enum declarations, and similar constructs, where it acts as a [...].
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