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VERB   to enumerate | enumerated | enumerated
enumerating | enumerates
SYNO to count | to enumerate | to itemise | ...
to enumerateaufzählen
to enumeratedurchzählen
to enumeratespezifizieren
to enumeratezählen [aufzählen]
to enumerateeinzeln benennen
to enumerate sth.
etw.Akk. enumerieren
to enumerate sb.'s mistakesjdm. seine Fehler vorrechnen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • After the Mexican independence from Spain was achieved in 1824, the new Republic sought a process to enumerate the citizens in each of its constituent federated states and entities.
  • In a paper published in 1964, Rota used umbral methods to establish the recursion formula satisfied by the Bell numbers, which enumerate partitions of finite sets.
  • If "ANY" queries do not enumerate multiple records, the only option is to request each record type (e.g. A, CNAME, or MX) individually.
  • The following tables, pre-sorted chronologically, enumerate all of the inductees to the Volleyball Hall of Fame through 2019.
  • Special arrangements will be made to enumerate some special groups of persons (called the special classes) who stay in places with restriction or difficulty of access.

  • There have been a number of attempts over the decades to enumerate environmental migrants and refugees.
  • Fast algorithms exist to enumerate, up to isomorphism, all regular graphs with a given degree and number of vertices.
  • The theory was motivated by the desire to enumerate finite groups of given order, and the analogy with Mikhail Gromov's notion of word growth.
  • Calamy and Palmer enumerate many other sermons, including one preached at the funeral of Lady Burdet, and a translation of Gerard's "Schola Consolatoria".
  • The following list enumerate and expand on notable tors.

  • In 1957, some of his early work from 1956 was used by Oakley and Wisner to enumerate hexaflexagons.
  • According to "Saravali", the planets amplify a person's fate. Hindu astrologers have attempted to enumerate all possible yogas, with varied results.
  • The following table shows the sign tuples together with likely ways to enumerate them.
  • This can be used to enumerate perfect numbers, and also to check whether a number is perfect.
  • Many "Aranyaka" texts enumerate mantras, identifications, etymologies, discussions, myths and symbolic interpretations, but a few such as by sage Arunaketu include hymns with deeper philosophical insights.

  • An alternative approach is to apply Knuth's Algorithm X to enumerate valid tilings for the problem.
  • This choice was not straightforward, as it went against Tschudi's date of 1307, and historians could [...] enumerate a total of 82 similar documents of the period of 1251 to 1386.
  • The above hymn enumerate the priests as the " [...] ", " [...] ", " [...] ", "agnīdh", " [...] " (meaning the "maitrāvaruna") and "adhvaryu".
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