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ADJ   enumerative | [rare] more enumerative | [rare] most enumerative
enumerative {adj}aufzählend
enumerative combinatorics [treated as sg.]
abzählende Kombinatorik {f}
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  • The enumerative concords are used with the enumerative stems.
  • This distinction between enumerative and analytic studies is the theory behind the Fourteen Points for Management.
  • An "enumerative definition" of a concept or a term is an "extensional definition" that gives an explicit and exhaustive listing of all the objects that fall under the concept or term in question.
  • Enumerative geometry saw spectacular development towards the end of the nineteenth century, at the hands of Hermann Schubert.
  • Richard P. Stanley considers MacMahon as the most influential mathematician in enumerative combinatorics pre-1960.

  • Schubert calculus is the intersection theory of the 19th century, together with applications to enumerative geometry.
  • Enumerative combinatorics is the most classical area of combinatorics and concentrates on counting the number of certain combinatorial objects.
  • His research areas are number theory, enumerative combinatorics, analysis of algorithms and stochastic processes on combinatorial structures.
  • The study of stacky curves is used extensively in equivariant Gromov–Witten theory and enumerative geometry.
  • There are two primary types of classification used for information organization: enumerative and faceted. An enumerative classification contains a full set of entries for all concepts.

  • Bevan's mathematical research has concerned areas of enumerative combinatorics, particularly in relation to permutation classes.
  • Many of the important mathematical applications of mirror symmetry belong to the branch of mathematics called enumerative geometry.
  • By the year 1991, most of the classical problems of enumerative geometry had been solved and interest in enumerative geometry had begun to diminish.
  • A set is the mathematical model for a collection of different Such definitions are also called "enumerative".
  • This enumerative result was also proved earlier by [...].

  • Colley's main research interests are algebraic geometry and related areas, particularly enumerative geometry, [...].
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