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eremitical {adj}eremitenhaft
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Übersetzung für 'eremitical' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eremitical {adj}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • It might be supposed that so uncompromising a verdict against the eremitical life would stir up a fierce conflict. As a matter of fact, it did nothing of the kind.
  • Having served and studied under Anthony in his youth, Pambo later became a pioneer in establishing the eremitical life in the Nitrian Desert and was much respected for his wisdom.
  • Founded in the United States and incorporated in the State of Wisconsin in 1977 (and registered as a 501(c)(3) US federally tax-exempt organization), Solus Christi Brothers is governed by the Ukrainian monastic Rule of Manjava, the Admonitions of the Founder as well as general Canon Law and is a semi-eremitical community.
  • Since the Second Vatican Council revitalised the eremitical ideal, a small amount of new legislation has been created.
  • Among the Augustinians, there also was an effort to return to the eremitical origins of their Order.

  • The Observants followed absolute poverty and the eremitical and ascetical dimensions of Franciscanism.
  • Established near Toledo, Spain, the order developed from a spontaneous interest of a number of eremitical communities in both Spain and Portugal in imitating the life of Jerome and Paula of Rome.
  • Choir nuns tend to lead somewhat less eremitical lives, while still maintaining a strong commitment to solitude and silence.
  • However, the new settlements of the Carmelites in the European cities were very different from their eremitical life on Mount Carmel.
  • From the fifth century the Greek term "laura" could refer specifically to the semi-eremitical monastic settlements of the Judaean Desert, where lauras were very numerous.

  • "Desert", the name of the range, originated in an ancient eremitical settlement or hermitage, known in Catalan as "Desert", that was located in the mountain range.
  • It is a semi-eremitical community.
  • It became a model for Serbian solitary or eremitical monasticism also outside of Mount Athos.
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