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NOUN   an external border | external borders
external border
Außengrenze {f}
3 Wörter
EU's external border
EU-Außengrenze {f}
external border control
Kontrolle {f} an den Außengrenzen
external {adj}außen liegend
external {adj}ausländisch
external {adj}außenliegend
external {adj}äußere
external {adj}fremd
external {adj}Auslands-
external {adj}betriebsfremd
external {adj}extern
external {adj}außerbetrieblich
external staircase
außen liegendes Treppenhaus {n}
external perspectiveAußenperspektive {f}
external wall
Außenwand {f}
external territoriesAußengebiete {pl}
external voltage
Fremdspannung {f}
external geometry
Außengeometrie {f}
external vibrationsFremdschwingungen {pl}
external experience
äußere Erfahrung {f}
external authority
äußere Autorität {f}
external flash
externer Blitz {m}
external platesAußenplatten {pl}
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  • The N-VA argues that the EU should emulate the Australian model of border protection to reinforce its external border and work with nations outside of Europe to stem the flow of illegal migrants arriving by sea.
  • A Border Security Zone in Russia is the designation of a strip of land (usually, though not always, along a Russian external border) where economic activity and access are restricted in line with the Frontier Regime Regulations set by the Federal Security Service (FSB).
  • Croatia has had an external border with the Schengen area since the accession of the country to the EU.
  • As Poland became part of the Schengen Area on 21 December 2007, this border crossing is a Schengen external border.
  • In addition to general requirements, Schengen states also set entry conditions for foreign nationals of countries outside the EU single market called the "reference amounts required for the crossing of the external border fixed by national authorities" regarding means of subsistence during their stay.

  • Since 75 AD a Roman road connected the Ad Lunam castle in Lonsee-Urspring with Aquilea at Heidenheim. As part of the Alb Limes, this road marked for some time the external border of the Roman Empire.
  • The state has the second longest external border of all Austrian states.
  • The external border of the scapula was used when questions regarding political or public events were being asked of the diviner.
  • The line was opened on 15 October 1843 and was the first railway line that crossed an external border of the German Confederation.
  • By its external border with the psoas major, the femoral artery resting upon the line of interval.

  • The second relates to free movement with external border controls in place.
  • The diameter of the moat is 75 m, measured from its external border.
  • Warsaw serves as the headquarters for Frontex, the European Union's agency for external border security as well as ODIHR, one of the principal institutions of the OSCE.
  • The external border of the European Union (with Kaliningrad and Belarus) is patrolled by the Aviation Unit of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service which, since the 2000s, uses helicopters EC-120, EC-135 and EC-145.
  • has the reniform dark with a slight paler external border; it does not occur in Britain, though common in Europe, nor have I seen it from Japan, but Oberthur records it from Askold Island.

  • Frontex, then officially the "European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union", was established by Council of Regulation (EC) 2007–2004.
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