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NOUN   an external cause | external causes
external causeäußerer Anlass {m}
external {adj}äußere
external {adj}fremd
external {adj}Auslands-
external {adj}außenliegend
external {adj}außerbetrieblich
external {adj}ausländisch
external {adj}extern
external {adj}außen liegend
external {adj}betriebsfremd
external tissue
äußeres Gewebe {n}
external ear
Ohrmuschel {f}
external sector
Außenwirtschaft {f}
external geometry
Außengeometrie {f}
external component
äußere Komponente {f}
external tariffAußenzoll {m}
external relationsAußenbeziehungen {pl}
external ballistics
Außenballistik {f}
external statementexterne Anweisung {f}
external validationexterne Anerkennung {f}
external diameteräußerer Durchmesser {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Such a theory considers that there is no transcendent principle or external cause to the world, and that the process of life production is contained in life itself.
  • In medicine, an external cause is a reason for the existence of a medical condition which can be associated with a specific object or acute process that was caused by something outside the body.
  • If it is determined that there is an external cause, and it can be removed, then treatment may be limited to support and returning the system to normal oxygenation.
  • However, the external cause for our sensation is not a substance, but the order or structure of the external world.
  • Ulrik Langen, in his biography of the king, did not indicate that there was any external cause.

  • The company is attributing the origin of the fire to an external cause, probably vandalism.
  • because the geodesics of spacetime explain these inertial-gravitational effects without an external cause.
  • The only exceptions are when there is imminent danger from an external cause, such as becoming trapped in a burning building.
  • With the average life span of 34 years old, a study found that 44% of the deaths were of "external cause", with 15% of deaths being suicides.
  • In 1934, Pauli saw a failure of his car during a honeymoon tour with his second wife as proof of a real Pauli effect since it occurred without an obvious external cause.

  • Inner ear barotrauma (IEBt), though much less common than MEBT, shares a similar external cause.
  • By this intellectual operation, comprehending every effect in our sensory organs as having an external cause, the external world arises.
  • It would surprise an ordinary person if it applied to a fire caused by the garage’s own negligence (rather than an external cause).
  • The external cause of color is a stimulus which excites the retina and separates its polarity.
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