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NOUN   an eye spot | eye spots
eye spots
Augenflecken {pl}
spotsDreckflecken {pl}
spots {pl}
Lokoware {f}
spotsFlecken {pl}
Forchheimer spots
Forchheimer-Flecken {pl}
welding spotsSchweißpunkte {pl}
in spotsan einigen Stellen
blood spotsBlutflecken {pl}
blue spotsblaue Tupfen {pl}
solar spots
Sonnenflecken {pl}
weak spotsSchwachstellen {pl}
in spots {adv}stellenweise
conjunctival spots
Konjunktivalflecken {pl}
red spotsrote Tupfen {pl}
spots [pimples]
Mitesser {pl} [Pickel]
Roth spots
Roth-Flecke {pl}
fever spots
Fieberflecken {pl}
solar spots
Sternflecken {pl}
cotton-wool spots
Cotton-Wool-Herde {pl} [Augenheilkunde]
cotton-wool spots
Purtscher-Flecken {pl} [Purtscher-Syndrom]
cotton-wool spots
Cotton-Wool-Flecken {pl}
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  • There are, however, a few exceptions: members of the Apodida order are known to possess statocysts, while some species possess small eye-spots near the bases of their tentacles.
  • The pale collar and the two black spots on each side of the nape imitate eye spots and make it seem like the owl is staring at you from behind.
  • When threatened, this species performs a "deimatic" display in which it swells up its body, lowers its head, and raises its rump, such that the two large inguinal glands resembling eye spots are exposed.
  • The Kerry slug's upper tentacles are smoky-black or grey, short and thick with oval ends, and have eye spots at their tips.
  • It possesses red eye spots for photosensitivity and reproduces both asexually and sexually.

  • The very earliest "eyes", called eye-spots, were simple patches of photoreceptor protein in unicellular animals.
  • Oleander hawk moth caterpillar.jpg|The eye spots probably reduce predation.
  • The third instar has a dermal crest and yellow eye-spots on the sides.
  • Many species of Nycteribiidae contain no visible eyes or contain only rudimentary eye spots.
  • The compound eyes are highly, but variably reduced, with some species containing only rudimentary eye spots.

  • This species is known for the two "eye spots" on the inside surface of its pitchers.
  • On the underside of the hindwings is present a row of gray eye spots.
  • Just below each tail is one red and six blue eye spots.
  • Like all air-breathing water snails, the animal has no operculum, and has only one pair of tentacles with the eye spots at the base of the tentacles.
  • There are two eye spots; other markings are vague.

  • Like other sea urchins diadematids are sensitive to touch, light, and chemicals; additionally they do have eyes (eye spots) which is in contrast to other sea urchins.
  • Argus Panoptes is referenced in the scientific names of at least eight animals, each of which bears a pattern of eye spots: reptiles "Cnemaspis argus, Eremias argus, Sibon argus", "Sphaerodactylus argus", and the Argus monitor "Varanus panoptes"; the pheasant "Argusianus argus"; the fish Cephalopholis argus and the cowry "Arestorides argus".
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