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eye-stalk / eye stalk
Augenstiel {m}
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Übersetzung für 'eye-stalk' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eye-stalk / eye stalk
Augenstiel {m}zool.
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  • The swollen, pulsating eye stalk resembles a maggot.
  • Murray stated that Kaz placed an eye stalk gag involving Slinkman in all of the episodes that he wrote and storyboarded.
  • For instance, in the fly visual system, axons of photoreceptors require glia to exit the eye stalk whereas glia cells rely on signals from neurons to migrate back along axons.
  • The height of the new design was chosen so that the eye stalk would be level with the eyes of the Doctor's companion Rose Tyler, as portrayed by actress Billie Piper.
  • The thin eye stalk folds backwards and downwards obliquely.

  • Most similar are stalk-eyed flies; the males compare eye stalk spans to determine the winner and avoid an energy-consuming encounter (6).
  • Stalk-eyed flies roost at night on root hairs hanging by streams.
  • However, studies cite a lack of evidence to support the idea that the extended eye-stalks are a handicap to male Diopsid flies.
  • In all predators the prey drive follows an inevitable sequence: Search (orient, nose/ear/eye); Stalk; Chase; Bite (grab-bite, kill-bite); Dissect; Consume.
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