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NOUN   an eye-witness account | eye-witness accounts
eye-witness account
Augenzeugenbericht {m}
eye-witnessAugenzeuge {m}
eye witnessAugenzeuge {m}
eye witness [female]Augenzeugin {f}
eye-witness [female]Augenzeugin {f}
eye-witness report
Augenzeugenbericht {m}
general ledger account <G/L account>
Hauptbuchkonto {n} <Hauptbuch-Kto.>
general ledger account <G/L account>
Sachkonto {n} <Sach-Kto.> [SAP-Begriff]
goggle-eye / google eye [Ambloplites rupestris, syn.: Bodianus rupestris] [rock bass]
Steinbarsch {m}
fringe-backed fire-eye / fire eye [Pyriglena atra]
Fleckenmantel-Feuerauge {n}
witnessZeuge {m}
Zeugnis {n} [Glaubenszeugnis]
to witnessbeiwohnen
to witnessZeuge sein von
to witnessbeweisen
to witnessbezeugen
to witnessbeglaubigen
to witnessbestätigen
accomplice witness
Kronzeuge {m}
witness fee
Zeugengeld {n}
witness report
Zeugenaussage {f}
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  • His is an Indian eye-witness account of that removal.
  • Based on a Reuters photographer's eye-witness account, the helicopter was incinerated and debris was found up to 100 metres from the crash site.
  • "The Shallow Graves of Rwanda" is an eye-witness account of his two-year stay in a country ravaged by what some might call genocide.
  • Coriolano Cippico (Koriolan Cipiko) (1425–93), one of Mocenigo's galley commanders, wrote a description of the campaign of 1474/75, providing an eye-witness account of Christian-Ottoman confrontations in the late fifteenth century.
  • He is celebrated for the luxury of a feast he gave in 1343 for Pope Clement VI, an eye-witness account of which has survived.

  • He wrote an account of the crusade, "Historia de Hierosolymitano itinere", including an eye-witness account of the siege of Antioch of 1097–1098.
  • During World War II, Miller's work was used predominantly to "provide an eye-witness account" of the casualties of war.
  • "What Witches Do" is a book by Stewart Farrar, and is an eye-witness account of Wiccan practices, namely that of the Alexandrian coven run by Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine Sanders.
  • The argument has been made that there was "a meteorological event of far-reaching proportions, one of the major aftereffects, we strongly suspect, of the Thera eruption" and that the stele reflects an eye-witness account of the eruption.
  • It is a 33-page eye-witness account of the Auschwitz concentration camp in German-occupied Poland during the Holocaust.

  • Shortly after his arrival in the United States, Shen held a press conference at the Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange in Newton, Massachusetts, giving the first detailed eye-witness account by a student leader of the Tiananmen Square massacre and of the events that led up to it.
  • The French conduct of the defence was deeply unpopular in the south and although the Constable had not agreed to Armagnac's strategy and gave the King his own eye-witness account he could not escape the blame directed against the three commanders.
  • In 1807, Alexander von Humboldt provided the first eye-witness account of curare preparation.
  • The first eye witness account of the Massacre at the Eureka Stockade in December 1854 was published just a year after the event, by Raffaello Carboni.
  • Since Julius wrote some four centuries after the latest of the events he describes, his is not an eye-witness account, and for most of his subject matter his source Livy was himself neither an eye-witness nor even a contemporary.

  • His 1942 book, "Last Train from Berlin: An Eye-Witness Account of Germany at War" describes his observations from Berlin in the year after the departure of "Berlin Diary" author William L.
  • Sindayen also reported on the controversies that hounded President Joseph Estrada, and narrated an eye-witness account on an aborted coup plot against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in February 2006.
  • According to an eye-witness account, the demolition took considerable effort as the steel frame was connected to the boundary walls of Jones and Company department store on either side in multiple places.
  • Of Charles's execution he gave an eye-witness account, including "[...] can truly say with a sad heart...there was such a Grone by the Thousands then present, as I never heard before & desire I may never hear again."
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