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NOUN   eyestrain | -
SYNO asthenopia | eyestrain
eyestrain {sg}
Augenschmerzen {pl}
Augenüberanstrengung {f}
eyestrainAugenbeanspruchung {f}
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  • At the time, E-Ink screens were a new technology and claimed to have a near paper-like appearance that did not cause eyestrain.
  • Manuscript evidence indicates that the work was written in some haste and Haydn is known to have complained of eyestrain while working on it.
  • The plant has many ethnobotanical uses. The roots and leaves were used medicinally, and the berries were occasionally used for food. Native Americans used the plant to treat wounds and eyestrain.
  • PPMs often use white-on-black displays, to minimise eyestrain especially with extended periods of use.
  • The students experienced headaches along with eyestrain, with 89.9% of the students surveyed feeling any type of symptom of CVS.

  • Shortly afterwards, partly as a result of eyestrain and a lack of good students, he decided to return to Australia and combine a light literary life with farming.
  • In the 1960s, Pickett Brand developed the "Eye Saver Yellow" slide rule, which was produced with a specific yellow color (Angstrom 5600) that reflects long-wavelength rays and promotes optimum eye-ease to help prevent eyestrain and improve visual accuracy.
  • Short term effects have been demonstrated with the eyestrain caused by computers.
  • com asserts that the font helps the user "read faster with less eyestrain."
  • The power supply in a clear bulb must be very small to fit into the base of the lamp. but possibly contributes to eyestrain and headaches.

  • However, images optimized for a small screen viewed from a short distance will show excessive parallax when viewed with more ortho methods, such as a projected image or a head mounted display, possibly causing eyestrain and headaches, or doubling, so pictures optimized for this viewing method may not be usable with other methods.
  • Whilst head of the department, he suffered severe eyestrain.
  • Over 60% reported chronic eyestrain and said their vision had worsened.
  • Video screens can cause eyestrain from prolonged viewing.
  • This unprecedented technology provides relief for eyestrain symptoms in presbyopia.

  • Some viewers have complained of headaches, seizures and eyestrain after watching 3D films.
  • Convergence insufficiency is a common problem with the eyes, and is the main culprit behind eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches. [...] This problem is most commonly found in children.
  • For most of his life Williams suffered from eyestrain caused by aniseikonia, a condition that was not recognized during his youth; he had glasses specially made to treat the condition in the 40s.
  • The display is very small, roughly 5 inches (127 mm) diagonal; it may cause some eyestrain if it used for prolonged periods. The high DPI resolution offers excellent viewing of images and video.
  • Flower believed that the standard printing format of black ink on white paper caused eyestrain; Schindler's "Young West", a sequel to Edward Bellamy's famous "Looking Backward", was issued with colored borders, that varied among blue, green, and yellow page margins.

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