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eyestripe surgeonfish [Acanthurus dussumieri]
Augenstreifen-Doktorfisch {m}
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Übersetzung für 'eyestripe' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eyestripe surgeonfish [Acanthurus dussumieri]
Augenstreifen-Doktorfisch {m}fishT
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  • It has a stronger buff eyebrow stripe and black eyestripe than the house wren.
  • It has a dark eyestripe and a whitish stripe above the eye.
  • The bird has a dark eyestripe, white eyebrow and a broad white moustachial stripe.
  • The face is gray with a rufous brown eyestripe. It has a buff colored breast and whitish belly.
  • The bird also shows a rusty brown tail, and a black eyestripe.

  • The head pattern is distinctive, with a dark cap and black eyestripe separated by a white supercilium.
  • It has a dark eyestripe and a buff supercilium. The underparts are olive buff.
  • The latter species is less sexually dimorphic and differs in the pattern of the eyestripe, which is shorter and whiter, and the throat, which is reddish-white with a white moustachial stripe.
  • The best distinction between the species is the head pattern: Vermilion-crowned, social and rusty-margined flycatchers have strong black-and white head markings like the great kiskadee, whereas grey-capped and dusky-chested flycatchers have greyish heads, with a short weak eyestripe in the former.
  • The head has a buff streaked dark brown cap and paler eyestripe.

  • which, although separated from the supercilium by an eyestripe, can appear at some angles to be a downward continuation of the supercilium.
  • They have a black eyestripe. Females and young birds are mostly brown marked with darker streaks.
  • "S.n. tschitscherini" of western Iran is paler grey above and has a much weaker eyestripe. "S.n. plumbea" of southern Iran resembles "tschitscherini", but has grey underparts.
  • Sexes are similar, but young birds have a brown cap and a pale yellow bill. There are 14 subspecies, varying in size and the colour of the back, underparts and eyestripe.
  • This form is distinguished from the myrtle warbler by its lack of a whitish eyestripe, its yellow throat, and concolorous cheek patch.

  • Even in aviary studies in which a female goldcrest was given an artificial eyestripe to facilitate mating with a male firecrest, the chicks were never raised by the mixed pair, and appeared to be poorly adapted compared to the parent species.
  • The desert finch, "Carduelis obsoleta" (formerly "Rhodopechys obsoleta"), has turned out to belong to the (sub)genus "Chloris" in the genus "Carduelis" as indicated by DNA sequences, song and eyestripe pattern; it is closely related to the greenfinches (Zamora "et al."
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