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NOUN   an eyewitness report | eyewitness reports
eyewitness reportsAugenzeugenberichte {pl}
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according to initial eyewitness reports
nach ersten Augenzeugenberichten
eyewitnessAugenzeuge {m}
eyewitness accountAugenzeugenbericht {m}
eyewitness testimony
Augenzeugenbericht {m}
eyewitness [female]Augenzeugin {f}
eyewitness report
Augenzeugenbericht {m}
according to eyewitness accounts {adv}Augenzeugenberichten zufolge
to be an eyewitness of sth.Augenzeuge etw.Gen. sein
Entscheidungs­sammlungen {pl}
Rapporte {pl}
reportsBerichte {pl}
(news) reportsNachrichten {pl}
contrary reportsanders lautende Berichte {pl}
law reports
Entscheidungs­sammlung {f}
media reportsMedienangaben {pl}
contrary reportsanderslautende Berichte {pl}
latest reportsjüngste Meldungen {pl}
case reports
Kasuistiken {pl}
latest reportsjüngste Berichte {pl}
TV reports
Fernsehdokumentationen {pl}
contradictory reportswiderspruchsvolle Berichte {pl}
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  • However, in the absence of eyewitness reports from multiple observers at multiple locations on Earth for the same "event", these must be regarded with caution.
  • The same book noted eyewitness reports of dances from South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria that bore a resemblance to the Cakewalk, with no elaboration.
  • In 1933–34, "The Forward" was the first to publish Fred Beal's eyewitness reports of bureaucratic privilege and of famine in the Soviet Union, accounts of the kind that much of the liberal and left-wing press disparaged and resisted.
  • The glossy magazines "Gente" and "Siete Días" swelled to 60 pages with colour photographs of British warships in flames—many of them faked—and bogus eyewitness reports of the Argentine commandos' guerrilla war on South Georgia (6 May) and an already dead Pucará pilot's attack on HMS "Hermes" (Lt.
  • Other eyewitness reports state he walked away "laughing".

  • As a part of preparation of justification for a 60-meter band, the ARRL organized a group of twelve amateur radio operators, most of whom had experience in trying to communicate with stations in the Caribbean to obtain eyewitness reports of hurricanes in that region.
  • McKeague's explanation not only solves the mystery of the mid-air disappearance but also provides an alternative explanation for the Wiseman-Lamont observation discussed above that eyewitness reports were more impressive when much time had elapsed.
  • If true, it calls seriously into question the value of eyewitness reports even by individuals with no prejudices about their observations.
  • In this book, Gilbert made an attempt to portray a profile of the psychological behavior of Adolf Hitler, based on deductive work from eyewitness reports from Hitler's commanders in prison in Nuremberg.
  • Although some observers have suggested that "jhator" is also meant to unite the deceased person with the sky or sacred realm, this does not seem consistent with most of the knowledgeable commentary and eyewitness reports, which indicate that Tibetans believe that at this point life has completely left the body and the body contains nothing more than simple flesh.

  • According to eyewitness reports and notes accompanying offerings in later years, the original Toaster made the annual visitation from sometime in the 1930s (though no report appeared in print until 1950) until his death in 1998, after which the tradition was passed to "a son".
  • In the late 2000s, eyewitness reports of bats from Taukihepa/Big South Cape Island and nearby Putauhina Island spurred new searches for this species.
  • However, no eyewitness reports of whaling activities at Davenport Landing have been found.
  • When the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937, Western public opinion was decidedly pro-China, with eyewitness reports by Western journalists on atrocities committed against Chinese civilians further strengthening anti-Japanese sentiments.
  • Testimonial literature is then defined within the boundaries of autobiographical accounts, documentary narratives, eyewitness reports, and oral histories that are later transcribed into a literary format.

  • Equiano gives eyewitness reports of the Siege of Louisbourg (1758), the Battle of Lagos (1759) and the Capture of Belle Île (1761).
  • Franz Kurowski was an extremely prolific right-wing German writer who dedicated his entire career to the production of Nazi military propaganda, followed by post-war military pulp fiction and revisionist histories of World War II, claiming the humane behaviour and innocence of war crimes of the "Wehrmacht", glorifying war as a desirable state, while fabricating eyewitness reports of atrocities allegedly committed by the Allies, especially Bomber Command and the air raids on Cologne and Dresden as a planned genocide of the civilian population.
  • As for the city itself, Leningrad surrounded by the Nazis had become a living hell, with eyewitness reports of people who had died of cold and starvation lying in doorways in stairwells.
  • However, this might possibly have been conflated by reports of "disembowelment", for which eyewitness reports exist.
  • An analysis of over 200 eyewitness reports suggests that the disintegration took place at 23:11 local time near the Belgian city of Liège.

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