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NOUN   an f-hole | f-holes
f-hole [esp. with violin-family instruments]
F-Loch {n} [bes. bei Instrumenten der Violinfamilie]
F minor <f, Fm>
f-Moll {n} <f, Fm>
base fog <B+F, b&f> [base plus fog]
Grundschleier {m}
flame atomic absorption spectrometry <FAAS, F-AAS, F AAS>
Flammentechnik {f} [Flammen-Atomabsorptionsspektroskopie]
flame atomic absorption spectrometry <FAAS, F-AAS, F AAS>
Flammen-Atomabsorptionsspektrometrie {f} <F-AAS>
base plus fog <B+F, b&f>
Grundschleier {m}
radiography and fluoroscopy <R&F, R/F>
Röntgen und Durchleuchtung [Radiographie und Fluoroskopie]
F flat <F♭>
Fes {n} <F♭>
F sharp <F♯>
Fis {n} <F♯>
F major <F>
F-Dur {n} <F>
f-prime of x <f'(x)>
f-Strich von x <f'(x)>
f of x <f(x)>
f von x <f(x)>
F sharp major <F♯ major>
Fis-Dur {n} <Fis, F♯>
F sharp minor <F♯ minor>
fis-Moll {n} <fis, Fism, F♯m>
degree Fahrenheit <degree F, °F>
Grad {m} {n} Fahrenheit <°F>
four-hole mounting <4-hole mounting>
Vierlochbefestigung {f} <4-Lochbefestigung>
Blendenzahl {f}
feminine {adj} <f>weiblich <wbl.>
F-Schicht {f}
farad <F>
Farad {n} <F>
fluorine <F>
Fluor {n} <F>
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  • There is a harmony between model, f-hole placement, head and arching that is rarely duplicated.
  • The f-hole and reshaped pickguard are the most apparent visual clues to its construction.
  • During their live shows, Owen is known for pulling his "bass stunts", most notably standing on the bass (or letting Chris Cheney stand on it), tilting it on an angle, resting his right foot on the curve by the f-hole and his left foot over the belly of the bass near the bottom of the fingerboard.
  • In 2015, researchers at MIT, in collaboration with violin makers at North Bennet Street School, published an analysis that charted the evolution and improvements in effectiveness of violin F-hole design over time.
  • The bass, which was built about two years ago, has a two-piece curly-maple body with an interior chamber, a koa face with an f-hole and multiple-layered binding, and only one knob, which blends between the two EMG ASB-5 pickups.

  • These lids are decoratively cut out to allow the sound to ring out via a large F hole, similar to a violin, as well as multiple radial slots along the outer edge.
  • It differs from the ES-355 by having a maple neck instead of mahogany, the name "Lucille" on the headstock, and the lack of an F-hole on its top.
  • The series was a wide semi-acoustic that used a sleeker dash hole on one side of the guitar, with a pick guard on the other side, rather than a traditional f hole.
  • In his first receiver he wound a coil of wire around an iron knitting needle and rested the needle against the F hole of a violin.
  • It features the Cryoshell logo carved onto a violin as part of its right F-hole with the song title and band name placed beneath.

  • While it was being repaired, Rickenbacker's UK distributor Rose Morris gave Lennon a model 1966 (the export version of a 325, available exclusively in a red finish and with an F-hole).
  • In addition to making the A and F body shapes, Collings also makes f-hole and oval hole mandolins.
  • He changed the position of the F-hole, selected unusual materials such as local wild maple, and decorated his instruments with wide and rugged fringe, giving them strong but elegant looks as well as excellent sound.
  • The primary logo is a pair of concentric red rings with the team name in navy between the two divided horizontally at its center by twin red and blue stripes; a navy "N" resembling the F-hole of a guitar or violin is in the inner ring, which is styled like a baseball.
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