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Blendenzahl {f}
food to mass <F/M> ratiospezifische Schlammbelastung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'f ratio' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Blendenzahl {f}opticsphoto.

food to mass <F/M> ratio
spezifische Schlammbelastung {f}
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  • ... if the variances of the differences between all combinations of the conditions are not equal), then the variance calculations may be distorted, which would result in an inflated F-ratio.
  • The problem of inadequate specification arises when treatments are assigned to units that are subsampled and the treatment F-ratio in an analysis of variance (ANOVA) table is formed with respect to the residual mean square rather than with respect to the among unit mean square.
  • Innovation in "palissage" (training of the vine, usually along a trellis, and often referred to as "canopy management") and pruning and thinning methods (which aim to optimize the Leaf Area/Fruit (LA/F) ratio relative to a vineyard's microclimate) have largely replaced more general, traditional concepts like "yield per unit area" in favor of "maximizing yield of desired quality".
  • Since catalytic converters need a cycling a/f ratio the oxygen sensor is not allowed to hold a fixed voltage, the ECU controls the engine by providing the mixture between lean (and rich) in such a sufficiently fast manner by means of shorter (or longer) time of signal to injectors, so the average level becomes as stated about 450 mV.
  • In oceanic biogeochemistry, the f-ratio is the fraction of total primary production fuelled by nitrate (as opposed to that fuelled by other nitrogen compounds such as ammonium).
  • The main parameters of an Astrograph are the diameter and f-ratio of the objective, which determine the field of view and image scale on the photographic plate or CCD detector.
  • Other tests used include the Gaviola or Caustic test which can measure mirrors of fast f/ratio more accurately, and home-brew Interferometric testing made possible in recent years by affordable lasers, digital cameras (such as webcams), and computers.
  • The Cassegrain focus f/ratio is f/38 and the primary mirror f/ratio is 2.5.
  • In the 1930s, Schmidt noted that the corrector plate could be replaced with a simple aperture at the mirror's center of curvature for a slow (numerically high f-ratio) camera.
  • The closer the position is to the top of the fuel grain, the higher the O/F ratio.
  • The "F" statistic is a ratio of a numerator to a denominator.
  • The RD-120 (GRAU Index 11D123) is a liquid upper stage rocket engine burning RG-1 (refined kerosene) and LOX in an oxidizer rich staged combustion cycle with an O/F ratio of 2.6.
  • CF3 has a much higher "R"/"F" ratio than other substituents with high degrees of conjugation. This was studied in greater detail by Swain but is still explained best by fluoride hyperconjugation.
  • From what "is" known, the incidence of spastic diplegia is higher in males than in females; the Surveillance of Cerebral Palsy in Europe (SCPE), for example, reports a M:F ratio of 1.33:1.
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